FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am going to try to do little blogs about some of the items available at Barntiques. We only have a couple of sales left for the year. Yikes! Gale has been making the cutest burp rags. They are made out of soft flannel. It is similar to my favorite old fashioned bib as it covers the shoulder, but it has a little bit of an addition to protect the shoulder going down the arm. Yep, I just knew I could describe it! About as clear as mud. Anyway, she is going to bring one over so we can have a photo of it. I have already ordered three. They will be priced at $4.00 each or three for $12.00. Great for shower gifts or just a fun part of the layette. A couple of the prints were trucks, baseballs, pink leopard print, yellow and blue. See ya here at the sale, September 11th, 9am-3pm. In honor of 9-11, we will be selling all Americana items for 50% off. Hope you can stop in.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Smelly Parties!

Our great niece, Kamry used to come to my (Auntie kay's) house while her mom was working. She and I played the day away and then had naps. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world was the Little Mermaid movie and smelly parties. We would dress up and paint our nails, fingers and toes, put on makeup, brush and comb our hair (that is when I had hair!), put on glittery fun and spray ourselves and anyone else that would play with us with body splash! That became known as a "smelly party." Then, Kamry got a baby sister and didn't get to come every day. It was only special days and then she grew up. She is fourteen now. A beautiful young lady. And...she still remembers our smelly party. I painted an old suitcase pink and prettied it all up for my youngest great niece, Nyla. We had smelly parties too. What brought up the smelly parties is, Vern (and I) are going to start selling Scentsy. We have just joined but will get our starter kit and all the necessities within the next 10 days. Lots more on the new Smelly Parties coming soon. The website is Can't wait to share it with all of you. Have a great weekend and try to take time to smell the flowers. Or any other good smelly!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Newly junked items

Here's the scoop...Tin cupola... 2 well worn barn doors... 6 drawer wooden cupboard that is black with white handles... wooden boxes... two cast iron base (white, garden square like for umbrella possibly)... big old trough, no, I mean BIG old trough... rusty tools... tall clear glass bottles, some with lids... keys... vintage, rusty tool (mounted on a board, has a gear on it)...OLD screen door for a crib, hopefully to make into a bench...enamel kitchen ware, white and gray...small metal oil can...just to name a few items that I junked this weekend. Last week junkin...three large wooden boxes, one of which is a trunk, one is a very old wooden box with a tray inside...two matching dining upholstered straight chair...2 wooden ironing scale (two pieces)...and lots of other cool stuff. Gonna have to wait till our next sale, Saturday, September 11 from 9-3 at 2000 5th street, Nevada, Iowa. Will mark all items in the Americana theme down in honor of those killed on 9-11.

Where did August go?

Where in the hell is August? Where did the summer go? I just opened my door to hear the birds sing, the sun rise in brilliant color and there is NO HUMIDITY OR RAIN IN THE FIVE DAY FORECAST! And, let me tell you it has been a L-O-N-G time we have been waiting for this day. This oldest grandson, Easton (new 1st grader) and his brother, Emmitt (new Tk student) will board their bus this morning to start the new school year. Easton is a bit nervous and nothing really scares Emmitt. Wish I were there to see them when the bus comes up the long gravel road to pick them up. Last year, Easton asked the bus driver if he could just drop him off at Ma Kay's house. It was not on the route (dammit anyway). He told him, he would just have to go down this road and then turn. How I would love that. We spent this past weekend with them in northwest Iowa. We took my dad, (GG) to see the new place they live in. (new to him) Ate too much as usual, hugged and smooched alot (never enough) and went to a rodeo. The boys did mutton bustin at the intermission. Hysterical to watch these kids hang on for dear life while riding a sheep that had released from a shoot, just like the big guys on the bulls. The youngest one was 2 1/2, oldest was 9. Easton did really well and Emmitt took fourth place. I would almost buy some sheep to watch it again! Love my family. Easton, Emmitt and Eaghan will be big brother to a new baby E, somewhere around March. Hope your day is filled with sunshine and love.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It is a baby girl!

One of our junkers here at the barn will be meeting her brand new grand baby today. Aly Kay was born on 08-09-10! She weighed nine pounds and was 21 1/2"long. Her mom and dad are Stephanie and Jon Bogatzki. They live near the Twin Cities. Mom, dad and baby Aly Kay are doing well. Can't wait to see you little princess! Congratulations to all of them! 143 Oh yes, remind me one day to tell you the importance on the numbers 143!

Long live air conditioners

I am sitting in our house with the air conditioner running. I have decided that I have it pretty good. I CAN NOT believe people lived without air conditioners. I know that we got our central air conditioner the day they walked on the moor. And, some still live without it. I sat with a friend on a porch around lunch time. It was shaded and had a decent breeze. That I could handle. Then I went to the grocery store and it was chilly! Left and came home. I sweat a bucket carrying in groceries and putting them away. I am now praying to the Air Conditioning Gods! I know I need to go work in the barn for our SECOND SATURDAY SALE! But I am giving that a second thought. I will let you know if I really go out and work. For now, I will keep praying to the A/C Gods until October!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

...and rainy again!

And it is still raining, with one day out of the next seven that has sun! Starting to get really soggy! And the Iowa humidity? EWWW! I really did do a post on Monday. Don't know where it is, but I did do one. We have just turned another page in the calendar. What? School supplies? Must be true cuz hobby lobby has had their Christmas items out since June!
We are getting busy out in the barn for the next "second Saturday sale! August 14th is quickly approaching. Lots of new (old ) stuff. Metal tables, wooden boxes, tool boxes, furniture that will hopefully get painted. Kitchen wares and mantiques has gotten the most items this month. Hope you all can be here. Saturday, August 14th from 9-3 at BARNTIQUES. We are located at 2000 5th street.
I want to send some comforting prayers to many of my friends. So much suffering. I am sorry for them to be on this path. Please say a quick prayer. I feel so helpless for everyone that are grieving and I worry about those that are ill. We continue to send heartfelt sympathy and continued prayer. From your Barntiques junkin buddies.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It is still July

I had to hurry and post a blog today so it doesn't look like I only had one post for the whole month. Wow! Not real sure where the time went but it is almost time to turn the calendar again. We had a really good time at Briggs Woods. The cabins were so quaint. Great breakfasts cooked over the fire by Michael and Courtnie. We were in charge of dinners. The mosquito's were in charge of entertainment. Sprays on our bodies and several different outside sprays were no challenge to the hungry little blood suckers. It was fun to watch the boys play and sleep. More play than sleep!
We had picked up alot of fun junk right before the July sale. And...lots of it sold quickly. Our August 14th sale will be bigger and better. I have been very fortunate to acquire many new (our new is really old!) pieces. The barnyard is full of doors, iron garden items, well worn tools and great decor,scroll wood from a lovely home here in Nevada. (I will miss my "window guy!") He and his family moved to Florida. Good luck to Tom Peace and his family! We have many new glass/crystal items. If it ever cools off (and I don't mean SNOW!) I am gonna go crazy with white spray paint.
Barntiques will be happy to have Rick Trine back with his willow furniture. What lovely pieces and great prices too! Haven't heard from Mary (the spa girl) and Sara (the jewelry lady) yet. We have got some fun things we are working on. Sure hope they can be here too. Our barn family is growing by leaps and bounds. Here's a shout out to all of our friends that have been having a tough go. Love ya all and know we are praying for you. I will do my best to get back into the blog mode, so be patient with me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow! Gotta play catch up!

Don't know where to start because I have sooooo much to tell you about. My oldest brother lives in Macon, Georgia. Haven't seen him since 2003. Haven't hung with him for many years. He is turning 60 and his class threw a birthday party for themselves and eachother. I forgot how much I love him. He is alot of things and has so many stories. We are 10 years apart and share the same momma. I know she was happy that we got together.
We have just refinished our own hardwood floors. My grampa built this house in 1938. And I think he got his money out of their years. It was ALOT of work, but doing it with my husband and seeing the end product was great. PLEASE DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER ASK ME TO HELP! Well, maybe...but not any time real soon.
I went to the fourth of July parade on the third of July in our hometown. Vern is really not much into parades, so as I was on my way to Lowes, Menards or Home Depot, I stopped and watched. Nothing like Old Glory flying so beautifully. Old timers riding on the veterans float, tractors, emergency units from ours and others hometown. Makes me get weepy. Love Independence Day.
On my way home from any of the MANY hardware stores, I saw a sign for a garage sale. It was a Saturday and I figured with alot of people having the day off, it would be busy! Let me tell you that I started "a pile". And to all of you that know garage sales, gotta have a pile. Started picking out and hauling stuff to "the pile". I bought so much stuff, that the guy said he thought I might need help getting these treasures home. They were selling out their junkyard. Can you say metal tables, rusty milk cans, old steel wheels, garden iron ware, 6 foot metal lockers, great old rakes. So, I called Gale and she and Willie came to the garage sale. It really wasn't as exciting to them than it was to me. By this time, the man having the garage sale had hitched up a horse trailor and brought it out to load up. I have been to alot of sales, I have NEVER had to have it hauled in a horse trailer. I think Gale will be posting some pix! She and Willie shook their heads, but they knew I was in hog heaven. It was the bomb and he still has sheds that he hadn't opened in years. Gonna be sure to give me a call before the next sale!
So, better get off the computer and go do some work for the Second Saturday Sale! Did I mention that it is Gale's birthday, so come on over for some cupcakes!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sheri's jewelry

Day 5 of 7! We may have a break in the original goal. We will be refinishing our hardwood floors. They look pretty worn, but they have alot of stories to tell us. Just a reminder that we live in my grampa's house. Love it! So, Vern and I are going to work the holiday weekend. Hope it goes much easier than I have pictured in my head. (We won't go there!)
Junker Sheri is so creative and unlike me, follows the project from start to finish. Well, kinda. We have been gathering old spoons. We will take any and all that you have on hand that are not using. Actually, after you see her new jewelry line, you may want to keep them. As usual, no photos. I have three of them and I can never choose which one to wear, so I wear them all! She takes the spoon, turns them over and flattens them. And, she has a real method. Hammer to spoon! And, then there are a few secrets to the final product. She has two different sizes of letter press. A few of the words she has used is Ma Kay, nana honey, x0x0, junk mama, sew little time, quilt junkie, and alot more. She finishes them off with cute little junk embezzelments. So cute and they are selling like hot cakes!
Guess you will just have to come to BARNTIQUES next Saturday, July 10th. We will be here from 9-3! FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN! WE are located at 2000 5th st, Nevada, Iowa!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 4 out of 7! I am over half way there! Today we are going to talk about Gale's lamps. It is pretty straightforward. And as you get more acquainted with Gale, that is just her personality. Don't ask if you don't want her opinion. Willie is her junk husband. He can do ANYTHING that we have asked him to do. Pulled out a set of steps from a garage and re worked them to fit in the barn. So thanx to Willie, Vern and Gale for that addition. We get so many compliments on the steps and upstairs. You all know, well, now you know that I talk out loud and think through, ok partially through projects out loud. Can't do that around Gale and Willie because they are standing,and there they are waiting with their tools to start and finish the job. I can imagine the outcome, but, I am not realistic on how to do it. They are!
Back to the lamps. And, yes I will get Gale to post some pics on here today or tomorrow. They have scoured yard sales, good will stores, neighbors trash (one of my favorite shopping spots). Always a keen eye to old lamps, parts, shades and whatever. Some of the lamps that they made and are gone is a pink melmac coffee cup and saucers piled cutely on top of each other. And just to let you know, I have more of them, so maybe it will be replaced! That one went to a good home Saturday. They have made them out of old lantern, soccer ball, birdhouse, oil can, you name it they will try it. I would try to give a tutorial on it, but can't tutor a subject I don't know. Maybe we can get one of them put their actions in words.
So here's to day four. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thanx Andrea

Day three of seven postings! I was asked to make a presentation to Bible School kids at the methodist church here in town. I don't really attend church so much, but I do have a history here. I was baptized, confirmed and married in this church. Lots of great memories. My momma has been gone for 22 years and I can still see her sitting in the last pew.
The theme of the week is Survivor. They asked me to speak on the survivorship of cancer. I survived with my co-survivor (husband) three and one half years ago. So, I am trying to prepare something that would be fitting for all four of the age groups. We survived through the faith that we have. I know that God guided my amazing journey so that I could talk about survivorship. Some days I feel terribly guilty that I am a survivor. That is when I have to take the time to pray. I am thankful that I am known as a survivor of breast cancer. I wear as much pink as I can and talk to as many as I can that early detection saved my life. My sister in law had cancer. We had a great conversation over the phone about all kinds of stuff. The last thing she said to me was "get your mammogram". She died five days later. As promised I made my appointment and had the procedure. It was one month to the date of her death that the doctor told me I had breast cancer. We prayed and cried. We had to tell our kids. So hard that was. But I knew that God was with us and I had to be strong. Two months to the date of her death, I had my bilateral mastectomy. I was lucky. They removed the cancer. I know that God was with us in every way. And my sister in law got the last word. Thanx Andrea.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Button, button, who's got the button?

Day two of my commitment of posting here on our blog for seven days in a row. Figure by day 7 it should become a habit!
I love buttons. Big, little, tiny, shiny, four hole, two hole, round and any other button I find. My dad used to go to so many auctions and in the treasures he found would almost always be a jar or card full of buttons. So, many years ago, I too started picking them up as they are so available. I have put them in jars, lamps, wreaths, on photos and crafts too. My latest button craze has been making little flowers out of them. I will try to get the junk photographer to snap a couple of pix and post here. I have sold over 200 of them. And now, I will be adding them to fun junk in the barn. They look so cute with a couple of them and a simple tied bow. Adorable on a little tree. I use 3-5 buttons varying in shapes and size. I put the largest one on a wire, following with the next one in size. Then I push the wire through the rest of the wire coming back down to form a stem. Wrap them up with a little flower tape and WA-LA! A cute little flower to nestle into a book mark, decorate a gift, glue them all together and make a bokay of them on a plan gift bag, barrettes for the hair. Here's hoping that you will get inspired and make your own little button flowers.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got lot's of catching up to do!

I apologize for the lack of postings here. I am not sure where the time went, but there was alot going on, I guess! Welcome to all of the new readers that picked up our business cards with zealousness yesterday!
Huge shout out to Brenda and the gals (yes, you too Neil!)at JBKnacker. We feel so privileged to have been included on the first Breakfast Club in 2010. You guys always do it up right! The girls that came here were so fun and 95% of the customers were straight from your doors. THANX BUNCHES! Brenda posts and advertises in all the right spots and then shares with us little guys. I wonder how many made it back to Gilbert having completed the route. Great fun. If you haven't ever been to JBKnacker, they are at 123 main street in Gilbert. I only wish I had the eye for design and setting up the most fabulous displays.
We have began selling jewelry. And was that a hit yesterday. Sheri is the master of design for these quirky little sayings pounded into old spoons, trays or anything else you may want personalized. First day of selling and sold 6 or so.
Gale and Willie have made lamps out of interesting items and her pink melmac coffee cup lamp sold. Don't worry, if you want one, I have more pink (go dishes to make more.
We have done alot of junkin and have a whole building to pull from to cover the empty spaces made yesterday. The best part of having these monthly sales is we have time to go looking for just the right rusty tool, lantern, ladders, garden decor, fancy smancy glass, furniture and all the other great finds.
I will be posting more often and the junk photographers will be posting new pics!
With all of the hub bub yesterday I forgot to tell people that there are a litter of baby kitties that we have not found yet. Mama kitty has hid them well this time. Hope you all visit here again and next posting will have hints for what you may find at the next sale...July 10th which happens to be junker Gale's bday. Maybe we will have cake! No candles in the barn, especially 51 of them!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Past, present and upcoming

Well, we have some catching up to do. Our first sale went great. Fun to meet great friends, old and new. Sara with handmade jewelry and Mary with spa product were a great addition. So much fun, we have asked them back. Seriously it was so fun! Gale, Sheri and I have been working on new projects. We will be open on Saturday, June 26th from 9-noon for a special sale. Brenda from JB Knacker, 123 main street in Gilbert is having a Breakfast tour. You start at her shop and the treats and coffee are ALWAYS so good. She has a great shop filled with so many handmade items, repurposed junk, great ephemera and a real compassion for her shop and her customers. She is a gem. She will be giving out a map with several (4-7) barns, shops and a garage sale to die for. I will be giving out yard stones to the first 13 (love that number) customers. And I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. I have been gathering and the barn is so full we have little settings outside in the barnyard. I will promise to be more current, there is just so many things and so little time! Plan on a great day of junking on Saturday. It is sounds like alot fun, I want to go when we close. See you soon. Remember our sale is on the second saturday of each month. I will try to remember to let you know where the other sales are for the tour.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May is my favorite month!

Today is the first day of my favorite month. Growing up we had a great time making and delivering May Baskets. They were made out of plastic or paper cups, the plastic green baskets that strawberries came in, whatever we had on hand. The handles were always pipe cleaners. We filled them with popcorn, m&m's, gum drops, sprigs of lily of the valley, lilacs and any other goodies. The simple joy of delivering them was so great. Last year, Sheri and I made them out of scrapbook papers, filled them and delivered to several of the elderly ladies she cleaned house for. The conversations with these women were remarkable.
There is quite the fury going on in the barn. Displays torn down, switched up a bit, painting furniture and finding treasures that I had forgotten about.
We get so excited seeing our old friends and making new ones. Mary Nesset will be joining us this month. She will be sharing her spa products. And, she will be bringing her friend, Sarah, that has just began her own line of jewelry.
Between the weddings, graduation parties, mothers day, birthdays and anniversaries we will try to keep our sanity. (We all know better than that!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

I am forcing myself to do a quick post here this morning. I have grounded myself to the garage for creating and the barn for displaying! We have some tables, a beautiful wooden shadow box, and lots of window projects calling my name. Gotta get it all prettied or junked up for the opening of Barntiques. I am going to get fliers created and printed up this week. Can't believe how fast May 8th is approaching! Time to fly...fill ya in on the days progress!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yep, it is a girl. A five month old, blue merle, Australian Sheep Dog puppy! I really don't know what the hell I was thinking but when the grandsons asked if they could bring us a puppy. My heart melted, the brain went to mush and all of that even smoodged Papa Vern. He is the one that said,"Absolutely no more dogs." That turned in to "ok, but she has to stay outside!" The first two nights she slept on the deck. Then, we started introducing her to the resident k-9's. She started melting our hearts and on the third night, we both told her it was time to go to bed. She marched right behind the two little dogs that sleep in our bedroom and we both said "Good nite Maisy." She really slept well on the floor at the bottom of our bed! And, has continued to sleep there! So, we are now in the midst of puppy world. The common words are "no-no biting" (on my sleeves), "Maisy, come!", "Oh man, how am I gonna explain the shredded atlas? the ripped coffee table book that we had for three days? the foot cushion (which did have a tiny hole in it)? and a cleaning rag (didn't get into much trouble on that one, didn't really want to clean any way! And of course the positive lines like "good girl maisy (rhymes with daisy), nice poopies!" I am sure there will be more Maisy stories, but hopefully some successful stories!
We worked in the barn yesterday and had a great time. Gale (our photographer has many talents) moved a wood pile into a lovely stack. We made about four extra feet on each side of the hay loft for more display room. Worked on a couple of areas of garden-ish, pretty dishes and some mantiques displays. Pretty much tore up the whole up stairs. But, it is gonna be awesome when we are done.
Willie, the junk carpenter, worked his magic on a dining room table for my house. It is made from the barn door that was removed from our "brooder house" before my dad tore it down. Four fence post legs with spindles nailed on for trim. Yep, it is awesome. I white washed the legs and am ready to put a sealer on the table to keep the rest of the paint chippiness intact. I LOVE IT. Gale will be posting photos on here so keep checking back.
I think that I really get the best end of our bartering system. Actually, I mention an idea and before I know it, Willie is here measuring and scratching his head saying "yep, I can do that", and Gale is the hands on laborer. All I have to do when she says she "may want this or that for this or that", is say come and get it.
Great day of good hard work. Can't wait to get back out there. Gotta get, Maisy is pacing, that means gotta potty!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am so excited!

I have been very busy out on the junkin route. Our junky photographer has snapped some shots and will follow. Here's a, banisters, trellis',rusty tools, a set of wagon wheels on the axis, cast iron skillet, old metal bucket, 2-3 shelves, really, really, really old rusty fencing, lead glass vase, 3 small metal tool boxes,tables and desks to die for. It has been so fun and so innocently acquired. Gotta love life when you can do what makes you happy.
The business cards arrived this week too. I love them, but wish I would have put "second Saturday sales". But, word of mouth, blog and facebook will get the word out.
I am going to go price some of the items now. Can't wait till May 8th! Hope to see you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Made It! We finally made it!

We made it! Yes, we finally made it. We made it to the barn and shoveled and picked at the snow and ice. And, we opened the door far enough to gain access. Kind of access. Seriously, we were in snow drifts up to our wahtoosies! But, we did it! There was only a small bit of snow in the hay mow. The barn kitties have done just a few minor repositioning of the displays. Brenda from JBknacker, in Gilbert, just a short jaunt away is having her big shabang on Saturday and Sunday. Go check her out at I have to say she has the goodies. And some came from Barntiques! It really felt wonderful to be back in the barn. It is filled with junk, pretties, garden items,windows, tables and desks, glassware, mantiques such as vintage camping chairs, rusty tools, shabby chics and the best thing, memories. Memories of mine from my childhood and also the stories that we are told about other precious moments of our customers. I have lots of new fun things for the Second Saturday Sales starting in May. All for now, gotta work on the new (old) stuff! More to tell you about in the next post. Maybe some photos too!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, more snow, wind...

I think I am going to take up a collection, go to Pennsylvania, reach in the hole and pull that damned ground hog out of his hole to show him what he has gotten us into! Seriously, we have set the records for snow, missed work days, missed school days, roads closed and the bill for the nice man we pay to clean our driveways out have hit the high note too! I realize the winter has been tough on everyone. And I believe that God only gives us what we can handle, but even with prayer, I am ready to scream. Good thing about it, I don't have any reason that I have to get out in it. Cleaning houses don't rate real high on the "don't travel unless it is an emergency" list. I love cleaning with my Barn Buddy BFF, but we are fair weather girls! And last nite one of my Barn Buddy BFf came over and we rolled balls of yarn. Yep, doesn't get much more fun than that. I have the pot of beef stew on and it is smelling marvy! And, my table is full of projects. The bowls and blue ball jars of skeleton keys,vintage jewelry, tiny padlocks,tokens,vintage tags, birds nests, old frames, an old bread box that is being painted, and some pretty silk flowers are all calling my name. I have priced and boxed things headed to the barn. Wish I could get out there. There are sooooo many snow drifts and some as high as the garage roof that it would be impossible to get there. Now, that was an unusual comment from me. The idea of not being able to get to my junking? I better go drink some tea. I must be getting sick!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Living for the ones who have passed.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer one month to the day that my husbands sister died after her very valiant fight to this demon. It was 2006. I have swore to do all within my power to raise money and awareness so others don't have to die. Early detection saved my life and I want to save others too. I chose to have a double mastectomy. My medical team was aggressive. Fortunately, I did not have to have chemo or radiation treatments. Sometimes I feel guilty to put myself in the survivorship club. I did not have to bear the pain and agony of what many others have gone through.
My best friend, Kyla lives in Boston, Mass. She saw a commercial advertising the Breast Cancer 3Day Event and she immediately called and said we needed to participate. Boston was one of the twelve cities for the event. My husband, myself and Kyla formed Team Wicked Pink. The planning, preparation physically and mentally was a challenge. Each person had to raise
$2,200.00 to qualify for walking. We all made our commitment and more. I must say that it was challenging, amazing, gruelling, fun, emotional, exhilarating, did I mention amazing, fulfilling and many other words. I have never trained for a three day, sixty mile walk. Again, I will say it was amazing. We camped overnight in a sea of pink tents. Took showers in a semi truck. Ate better than any family picnic I ever attended. Walked side by side with survivors, family member, fighters of the disease while just taking chemo. Talking all the way about each of our stories. We carried penants with Andrea's photo specially made for us through one of my husbands co workers. There were men dressed in pink tutu's and fish net hose. There was one team that attends yearly and they carry back packs with first aid, vaseline, lip balm, tampons and pads! Signs along the path. Horns honking! I get goosebumps now each time I hear the advertisement on tv. And for our surprise 50th birthday party, the guests were asked not to buy the silly black, over the hill, run of the mill gifts. But, to make a donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation. What a lovely gesture.
Barntiques is a blend of many people that have felt the pain of cancer. Cancer is not picky. It attacks young, old, strong, weak, rich, poor, nice or mean. The pain is felt in so many ways. So, this year instead of raising the money solely for breast cancer, we will be donating it to the American Cancer Society. I am not sure what all we will do, that is what the planning committee will handle. (I hope there is a planning committee!)
So, here it goes. Barntiques will be accepting donations and marking those items for a portion of the sale to go to the American Cancer Society. Wish me luck, I think I can smell a taste of victory. Please pass this on to others that may live near or far that would like to participate. I KNOW that we will be able to make a difference. Everyone deserves a lifetime.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am a picker by birth

Last nite on the History Channel at 8pm was a show called American Pickers. It is about two guys that search out the "real fine collectors of Junk" and buy what they can and resell the items. Novel idea! Alot of us junkers have been "picking" since conception. It was a good show and the first stop was in northeast Iowa. It shows that they do have a headquartered shop that junkers can call and then if interested, the American Pickers go picking. The picker went to a collector of any and everything. He had busses parked (and had been parked for many years)out and about the property FILLED with junk. There were electrical items, a HUGE sewing machine he had used for his leather making shop. He had a windshield for an old motorcycle that had vintage state stickers to show where the rider had been, bycicles of any age and parts to who laid the rails. It did reveal that the picker had a collection of bikes and was a great interest to him. They picked up a canister set for $20 and had a resale price of $70! I almost croaked. The same set is sitting on my cupboard and it has been there since 1938. Yes, I will admit that I screamed and giggled like a junior high girl.I really enjoyed the show. They were respectfull of the junk yard and took the time to listen to the many stories that are associated with each piece of interest. The show also gave me a positive vibe that someday, the winds will stop howling as it creates snow drifts higher than myself and the temps will rise. Anything positive in the weather is a big boost here in central Iowa. I enjoyed the show and it really gave me the bug to get out there and start picking.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Buttons, buttons, I have the buttons

I am from a long line of collectors. My dad will be 83 next month. He has ALOT of collections. He began collecting when he was eight years old because his teacher asked for each of them to find something they liked and wanted more of. Being a child of the depression era, they didn't have money to just go buy things and toss after a few days. He found some keys that were not being used for anything. And today he has hundreds of thousands keys, several thousand padlocks, thirty or more safes, rocks, anything that is Winchester, pencils, railroad items, salesmens samples and buttons. The winter weather here in Iowa has been terrible. He has a five gallon glass bottle and thought he would go through some of the buttons and fill the bottle. The mission has been completed. I have no earthly idea how many are in the bottle. So, now I have jars and coffee cans full of buttons that were extra. To say the least, I have been looking for projects using them. They range from teeny tiny to about two inches in diameter, all shapes and sizes, different colors, some are for military uniforms and some are just very interesting. I am thankful that he has had something to keep his mind and fingers busy. I don't know which collection he will work on next. But, I know which one I will be working on!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The new year has everyone searching for happiness, wealth, success, you know, all the important stuff. My theory on this is...clean the basement. So, a couple of days ago, I took the plunge. Our house was built in 1938, so it has the block basement walls. One corner is the coal room. There is the fruit room. And the main room still has a functioning well pump. I love this old house and I am truely honored to live here. I have some issues with staying on track, so it helps to have several different rooms! I jump from room to room. The goal for the month is to get some organization with all of my junk and make room for the projects that I have not completed. I found old door knobs, rusty and crusty tools, Ball jars filled with nuts and bolts, baling wire, wood chunks and some trinkets. I can't wait to get them all put together and then the creativity will hopefully follow. We won't open the barn until April or May. That seems like a long ways away, but I know we have to get a jump on it! I think I will head to Gilbert, to see Brenda at JBKnacker for some inspiration. Her shop is always a treat. Gotta get, I hear some junk calling me from the basement!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It seems silly to think that just because the calendar changes that we all should make changes too. But, on the other hand, it is a great chance to begin again. So, to this idea, I am not starting over, just getting a re-charge.

Barntiques is looking mighty lonely and cold these days. The snow drifts in the barn yard are the highest we have seen in years. And, the temps are below zero. Hard to get real excited about being out there. Once I get all of the pine cleaned up from the holiday, we will begin our new year in the barn. We have decided to be open the second Saturday of the seasonal months. This gives us time to gather and restore before displaying. We will most likely open in May, but if we get really good weather, we may have to have a select sale in April.

So, I am going to make every effort to write a new chapter here at least once a week and hopefully have some fun projects and photos too!

Happy New Year to all of you and hears to new beginnings!