FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, more snow, wind...

I think I am going to take up a collection, go to Pennsylvania, reach in the hole and pull that damned ground hog out of his hole to show him what he has gotten us into! Seriously, we have set the records for snow, missed work days, missed school days, roads closed and the bill for the nice man we pay to clean our driveways out have hit the high note too! I realize the winter has been tough on everyone. And I believe that God only gives us what we can handle, but even with prayer, I am ready to scream. Good thing about it, I don't have any reason that I have to get out in it. Cleaning houses don't rate real high on the "don't travel unless it is an emergency" list. I love cleaning with my Barn Buddy BFF, but we are fair weather girls! And last nite one of my Barn Buddy BFf came over and we rolled balls of yarn. Yep, doesn't get much more fun than that. I have the pot of beef stew on and it is smelling marvy! And, my table is full of projects. The bowls and blue ball jars of skeleton keys,vintage jewelry, tiny padlocks,tokens,vintage tags, birds nests, old frames, an old bread box that is being painted, and some pretty silk flowers are all calling my name. I have priced and boxed things headed to the barn. Wish I could get out there. There are sooooo many snow drifts and some as high as the garage roof that it would be impossible to get there. Now, that was an unusual comment from me. The idea of not being able to get to my junking? I better go drink some tea. I must be getting sick!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Living for the ones who have passed.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer one month to the day that my husbands sister died after her very valiant fight to this demon. It was 2006. I have swore to do all within my power to raise money and awareness so others don't have to die. Early detection saved my life and I want to save others too. I chose to have a double mastectomy. My medical team was aggressive. Fortunately, I did not have to have chemo or radiation treatments. Sometimes I feel guilty to put myself in the survivorship club. I did not have to bear the pain and agony of what many others have gone through.
My best friend, Kyla lives in Boston, Mass. She saw a commercial advertising the Breast Cancer 3Day Event and she immediately called and said we needed to participate. Boston was one of the twelve cities for the event. My husband, myself and Kyla formed Team Wicked Pink. The planning, preparation physically and mentally was a challenge. Each person had to raise
$2,200.00 to qualify for walking. We all made our commitment and more. I must say that it was challenging, amazing, gruelling, fun, emotional, exhilarating, did I mention amazing, fulfilling and many other words. I have never trained for a three day, sixty mile walk. Again, I will say it was amazing. We camped overnight in a sea of pink tents. Took showers in a semi truck. Ate better than any family picnic I ever attended. Walked side by side with survivors, family member, fighters of the disease while just taking chemo. Talking all the way about each of our stories. We carried penants with Andrea's photo specially made for us through one of my husbands co workers. There were men dressed in pink tutu's and fish net hose. There was one team that attends yearly and they carry back packs with first aid, vaseline, lip balm, tampons and pads! Signs along the path. Horns honking! I get goosebumps now each time I hear the advertisement on tv. And for our surprise 50th birthday party, the guests were asked not to buy the silly black, over the hill, run of the mill gifts. But, to make a donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation. What a lovely gesture.
Barntiques is a blend of many people that have felt the pain of cancer. Cancer is not picky. It attacks young, old, strong, weak, rich, poor, nice or mean. The pain is felt in so many ways. So, this year instead of raising the money solely for breast cancer, we will be donating it to the American Cancer Society. I am not sure what all we will do, that is what the planning committee will handle. (I hope there is a planning committee!)
So, here it goes. Barntiques will be accepting donations and marking those items for a portion of the sale to go to the American Cancer Society. Wish me luck, I think I can smell a taste of victory. Please pass this on to others that may live near or far that would like to participate. I KNOW that we will be able to make a difference. Everyone deserves a lifetime.