FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What do you think?

Today is Sunday, the typical day spent going to church and spending time with the family. Well, that is how I was raised. I still have a very strong faith, but do not find it necessary to attend a church. Our family is very small. And our sons family do not live close by. We raised our children through Sunday School and confirmation. And they have both found their own churches. I have a dilema. I have gathered several Bibles. They are not from our family. They have no writing to identify any names or family trees. I would like to do some projects using the passages. Do you think that this is sacreligous? I have had them sitting in my project box and really need to use them or pass them on. Let me kno what you think.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello SpRiNg!

Ever wonder why 40 degrees in the autumn are sooooo much colder than 40 degrees in the spring? For those of us that live in the midwest can stake claim on this one. In November when the mercury dips down to the 30's and 40's, we are all pulling out our sweatshirts, coats and gloves. In February the mercury hits 40 and we are all grabbing the flip flops and bringing out the capri's. We all know that it is rare and that there are most likely some snow and ice coming before the calendar marks spring...but, we gotta dream! And today is a dream. I went for a long walk when the sun was high and warm on my face. Can't believe it will be in the 60's tomorrow, but like I stated earlier, there is snow in the seven day forecast.
I am patiently (as patient as I can be) waiting for the phone to ring and summon me to our sons house. Our fourth grandbaby (think it is a boy) is expected soon. And when I get the call to come help out, I will be on my way. We live five hours away. And the boys can now tell time, so we are really held to the clock on travel. Our daughter in law is a good woman. Yep, she is in the minority of male to female ratio. Easton is 7, Emmitt is 5 and Eaghan is 17 months. It is a busy household and I am thrilled that they want me to come help.
So, the sand paper is out and in great demand. I have several items painted in red. And it is a very orange red, but you know we will darken it right up. Sand it some more and be great. I am being drawn to the paint lately. I have also been working on some glass totems.
I am hoping to make the trek to the barn tomorrow. Can't wait to see what all we have to work with. Love the change of seasons and I really love the awakening of spring!