FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yikes! Stop the clock!

Yikes! Why do I always do this? Take on a few other displays, pricing and adding a stairwell to boot? Gotta love what ya do, right? I DO LOVE WHAT I DO! I just think I always need to do more than I really can accomplish. Who doesn't? So, Barntiques will still be in the 'gotta dig for yourself' mode. When I had my flower shop, the front area really was tidy and well kept. Back room was a different story. Flowers, boxes with tissue and newspaper, stems everywhere and then add the water. That was another Yikes! And most of my life has been spent trying to chase the clock. Yes, Barntiques will open Friday at 10 am and the treasures will be amuck. The hay mow has been filled with old high chairs, barn doors, garden items like trellis and planted flower pots, and Americana baskets and trinkets. Mantiques is great fun. Rust, dust and manly. With a few old skelton keys, padlocks, keys and a few miniature locks too. And of course the main room will hopefully have a path. Glassware, vintage kitchen ware, bakelite eating utensils, crocks and I am not really sure what else I may uncover! I do want to remind visitors to bring a packet of flower seeds. We will be planting a flower bed at the Barntiques sign. I think it will be fun to watch the garden and friendships grow. Hope to see you this Friday and Saturday from 10-5.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Clock is ticking

The clock is ticking and we are hustling! Went garage saling yesterday, nothing great to be found except a big old rusty wheelbarrow. I picked up some petunias and a few little plants, pink of course. Lots to do, but am I having some fun! The banister and handrailers will be coming tomorrow. It really is starting to look like I was hoping for. Just wanted to put in a couple words to REMIND you that we are gonna be havin'some fun next Friday and Saturday. I am hoping that everyone will remember to bring a packet of flower seeds. We are going to put them all together and plant them. I can't wait to watch the seeds grow and turn into beautiful blooms. It will represent all of the friends of Barntiques that visit. You will have to keep coming back to watch the garden and our friendships grow. Gotta get to the barn. Have a blessed Mothers day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SpRiNg HaS SpRuNg!

Spring is still SpRiNgiNg at Barntiques! The barn has made a couple of changes. We have taken great consideration and have decided that we will be having sales on the following scheduled dates,(hopefully, I won't forget to include the schedule!) It is so exciting to have a week here and there for gathering and making and displaying and you know, mental health breaks. I am sure that our families would question the "mental health breaks!" They know we are CrAzY for junk and fun. That is why we have said that we have "junky fun and funky junk!" We have also found the staircase that is perfect and feels like it was built in 1938 with the structure. Now the real work begins. Another addition is the upcoming birth of baby kittens. It appears that Junky and Barny are more than friends! What's a barn without cats running around or just draped across a big old overstuffed chair? We have gained another junkin friend at the barn too. Gale and her wonderful hubby, Willie have been VERY instrumental in motivating and donating (hopefully, donating) physical labor to get ready for the opening of the "man-tiques" section of the barn. I will be trying to find out about local sales coming up. I know that this is very helpful in mapping out the junk huntin day(s). Our next sale is May 15th and 16th. Flier to come soon! Other area happenings are JB knacker,, located in Gilbert, Iowa. Vintage Fest will be held May 15/16. More info on that is at Old Crow Farm,, is located in Winterset, Iowa. All of these events will be great and you won't want to miss any of us! We have a great little area of fun people and good junk! So, here's the dates so far...May 15-16th, June 12-13th (also city wide garage sales) and July 17-18th. Keep checking back for updates on all this fun.