FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am going to try to do little blogs about some of the items available at Barntiques. We only have a couple of sales left for the year. Yikes! Gale has been making the cutest burp rags. They are made out of soft flannel. It is similar to my favorite old fashioned bib as it covers the shoulder, but it has a little bit of an addition to protect the shoulder going down the arm. Yep, I just knew I could describe it! About as clear as mud. Anyway, she is going to bring one over so we can have a photo of it. I have already ordered three. They will be priced at $4.00 each or three for $12.00. Great for shower gifts or just a fun part of the layette. A couple of the prints were trucks, baseballs, pink leopard print, yellow and blue. See ya here at the sale, September 11th, 9am-3pm. In honor of 9-11, we will be selling all Americana items for 50% off. Hope you can stop in.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Smelly Parties!

Our great niece, Kamry used to come to my (Auntie kay's) house while her mom was working. She and I played the day away and then had naps. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world was the Little Mermaid movie and smelly parties. We would dress up and paint our nails, fingers and toes, put on makeup, brush and comb our hair (that is when I had hair!), put on glittery fun and spray ourselves and anyone else that would play with us with body splash! That became known as a "smelly party." Then, Kamry got a baby sister and didn't get to come every day. It was only special days and then she grew up. She is fourteen now. A beautiful young lady. And...she still remembers our smelly party. I painted an old suitcase pink and prettied it all up for my youngest great niece, Nyla. We had smelly parties too. What brought up the smelly parties is, Vern (and I) are going to start selling Scentsy. We have just joined but will get our starter kit and all the necessities within the next 10 days. Lots more on the new Smelly Parties coming soon. The website is Can't wait to share it with all of you. Have a great weekend and try to take time to smell the flowers. Or any other good smelly!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Newly junked items

Here's the scoop...Tin cupola... 2 well worn barn doors... 6 drawer wooden cupboard that is black with white handles... wooden boxes... two cast iron base (white, garden square like for umbrella possibly)... big old trough, no, I mean BIG old trough... rusty tools... tall clear glass bottles, some with lids... keys... vintage, rusty tool (mounted on a board, has a gear on it)...OLD screen door for a crib, hopefully to make into a bench...enamel kitchen ware, white and gray...small metal oil can...just to name a few items that I junked this weekend. Last week junkin...three large wooden boxes, one of which is a trunk, one is a very old wooden box with a tray inside...two matching dining upholstered straight chair...2 wooden ironing scale (two pieces)...and lots of other cool stuff. Gonna have to wait till our next sale, Saturday, September 11 from 9-3 at 2000 5th street, Nevada, Iowa. Will mark all items in the Americana theme down in honor of those killed on 9-11.

Where did August go?

Where in the hell is August? Where did the summer go? I just opened my door to hear the birds sing, the sun rise in brilliant color and there is NO HUMIDITY OR RAIN IN THE FIVE DAY FORECAST! And, let me tell you it has been a L-O-N-G time we have been waiting for this day. This oldest grandson, Easton (new 1st grader) and his brother, Emmitt (new Tk student) will board their bus this morning to start the new school year. Easton is a bit nervous and nothing really scares Emmitt. Wish I were there to see them when the bus comes up the long gravel road to pick them up. Last year, Easton asked the bus driver if he could just drop him off at Ma Kay's house. It was not on the route (dammit anyway). He told him, he would just have to go down this road and then turn. How I would love that. We spent this past weekend with them in northwest Iowa. We took my dad, (GG) to see the new place they live in. (new to him) Ate too much as usual, hugged and smooched alot (never enough) and went to a rodeo. The boys did mutton bustin at the intermission. Hysterical to watch these kids hang on for dear life while riding a sheep that had released from a shoot, just like the big guys on the bulls. The youngest one was 2 1/2, oldest was 9. Easton did really well and Emmitt took fourth place. I would almost buy some sheep to watch it again! Love my family. Easton, Emmitt and Eaghan will be big brother to a new baby E, somewhere around March. Hope your day is filled with sunshine and love.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It is a baby girl!

One of our junkers here at the barn will be meeting her brand new grand baby today. Aly Kay was born on 08-09-10! She weighed nine pounds and was 21 1/2"long. Her mom and dad are Stephanie and Jon Bogatzki. They live near the Twin Cities. Mom, dad and baby Aly Kay are doing well. Can't wait to see you little princess! Congratulations to all of them! 143 Oh yes, remind me one day to tell you the importance on the numbers 143!

Long live air conditioners

I am sitting in our house with the air conditioner running. I have decided that I have it pretty good. I CAN NOT believe people lived without air conditioners. I know that we got our central air conditioner the day they walked on the moor. And, some still live without it. I sat with a friend on a porch around lunch time. It was shaded and had a decent breeze. That I could handle. Then I went to the grocery store and it was chilly! Left and came home. I sweat a bucket carrying in groceries and putting them away. I am now praying to the Air Conditioning Gods! I know I need to go work in the barn for our SECOND SATURDAY SALE! But I am giving that a second thought. I will let you know if I really go out and work. For now, I will keep praying to the A/C Gods until October!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

...and rainy again!

And it is still raining, with one day out of the next seven that has sun! Starting to get really soggy! And the Iowa humidity? EWWW! I really did do a post on Monday. Don't know where it is, but I did do one. We have just turned another page in the calendar. What? School supplies? Must be true cuz hobby lobby has had their Christmas items out since June!
We are getting busy out in the barn for the next "second Saturday sale! August 14th is quickly approaching. Lots of new (old ) stuff. Metal tables, wooden boxes, tool boxes, furniture that will hopefully get painted. Kitchen wares and mantiques has gotten the most items this month. Hope you all can be here. Saturday, August 14th from 9-3 at BARNTIQUES. We are located at 2000 5th street.
I want to send some comforting prayers to many of my friends. So much suffering. I am sorry for them to be on this path. Please say a quick prayer. I feel so helpless for everyone that are grieving and I worry about those that are ill. We continue to send heartfelt sympathy and continued prayer. From your Barntiques junkin buddies.

Monday, August 2, 2010