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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where did August go?

Where in the hell is August? Where did the summer go? I just opened my door to hear the birds sing, the sun rise in brilliant color and there is NO HUMIDITY OR RAIN IN THE FIVE DAY FORECAST! And, let me tell you it has been a L-O-N-G time we have been waiting for this day. This oldest grandson, Easton (new 1st grader) and his brother, Emmitt (new Tk student) will board their bus this morning to start the new school year. Easton is a bit nervous and nothing really scares Emmitt. Wish I were there to see them when the bus comes up the long gravel road to pick them up. Last year, Easton asked the bus driver if he could just drop him off at Ma Kay's house. It was not on the route (dammit anyway). He told him, he would just have to go down this road and then turn. How I would love that. We spent this past weekend with them in northwest Iowa. We took my dad, (GG) to see the new place they live in. (new to him) Ate too much as usual, hugged and smooched alot (never enough) and went to a rodeo. The boys did mutton bustin at the intermission. Hysterical to watch these kids hang on for dear life while riding a sheep that had released from a shoot, just like the big guys on the bulls. The youngest one was 2 1/2, oldest was 9. Easton did really well and Emmitt took fourth place. I would almost buy some sheep to watch it again! Love my family. Easton, Emmitt and Eaghan will be big brother to a new baby E, somewhere around March. Hope your day is filled with sunshine and love.

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