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Friday, August 27, 2010

Smelly Parties!

Our great niece, Kamry used to come to my (Auntie kay's) house while her mom was working. She and I played the day away and then had naps. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world was the Little Mermaid movie and smelly parties. We would dress up and paint our nails, fingers and toes, put on makeup, brush and comb our hair (that is when I had hair!), put on glittery fun and spray ourselves and anyone else that would play with us with body splash! That became known as a "smelly party." Then, Kamry got a baby sister and didn't get to come every day. It was only special days and then she grew up. She is fourteen now. A beautiful young lady. And...she still remembers our smelly party. I painted an old suitcase pink and prettied it all up for my youngest great niece, Nyla. We had smelly parties too. What brought up the smelly parties is, Vern (and I) are going to start selling Scentsy. We have just joined but will get our starter kit and all the necessities within the next 10 days. Lots more on the new Smelly Parties coming soon. The website is Can't wait to share it with all of you. Have a great weekend and try to take time to smell the flowers. Or any other good smelly!

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