FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday is actually the 25th of July.

It has been pointed out to me that I had written in the previous post the correct day but not the right DATE! I should have written it as Saturday, July 25th. Thank you Gale. I am pulling out some old items and putting out some new fun things. It always amazes me that items that have been in the display for a period of time look inviting to the same customers when they are just moved around or adding a little do-dad. Did I just say do-dad? Oh my, I am getting older! Love to blog more, but the barn is calling me. Maybe we can get our resident photographer to post some new pictures tomorrow. Gotta run!

Monday, July 20, 2009

One thing at a time...Nice thought, but my OCD never obliges! We are having another sale this Saturday, July 26th. I am beginning to wonder where July has flown to. The weather here in Iowa has been so weird. We had winter, then our wet season, a little warmer, still in the soggy season. There was those 6-8 days of good old Iowa heat that really should have been next months weather, and now, well, we have set all time record LOWS! I would imagine that since we will be open this weekend, we will have monsoons with a touch of snow! Doesn't matter! We will be having a great time in the barn. I had thought of getting one of those cool cd's of nature's sweet sounds, but I already have them out there. And the hint of meowing for the fun of it. Yes, those baby kitties, you remember, the ones from the two BOY cats that we sheltered! Yep, they will be 9 weeks old and ready to go to a new home. They are all so sweet, but really need to go to their new families before they knock anymore items to the floor with their not so cute attempts at gymnastics! JB KNACKER, in Gilbert, will be holding their Breakfast Club this Saturday too. Be sure to start there from 8am-10. Brenda ALWAYS has fun stuff and I think she usually has the coffee pot on. You will also be given a map to some of her fun shopping spots, like us! We will be open from 10-3. So, grab a friend and make it a day! We like to think that our shop is where you go for FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's a little tribute

I have been watching and reading some of the articles on Michael Jackson. I was moved by the memorial service today. My husband has been glued to the tv also. He comes from a family that shared alot of musical talent. He was VERY emotional during the service. When the live coverage ended he had to go to work. So, I didn't really get a chance to talk about it. I was truly worried about his emotional state. He shared that it was scary to have someone our age pass on. He had so much going on, but I don't think he ever really had the chance to just be Michael Jackson. I want to believe that he is with his family and friends that have left this world. One of his brothers shared that he had a twin that was waiting for him. His children were present at the service. I was glad for that. They need to find comfort and closure. Their world has been shuffled so much. I am hoping that they will have the love and support of the Jackson family and there is not a long legal battle for custody.
I am sorry for the loss of his life. He co-wrote the song, "We are the World". There were several things that I want to take away from what I learned about him today. I want to make sure that all of my friends and family know how much they are loved. I am not convinced that I tell them or show how much I really appreciate them. I hope that my grandchildren will have fond memories of me and the silly things we do together. Alot of friends spoke today. They had fond memories and some very passionate statements. The world is a better place for many of Michael Jackson's contributions. I want that to be a legacy of my own too. I don't need the gratification shown, but I do hope I leave this world on a kind and loving note.
Being a breast cancer survivor, I have had the patience to stop and appreciate all of the good things life has brought me. And I am thankful that I am alive and have been given, as they say, a second chance. So, on this note I will bring this to an end and hopefully some of you will take a moment to recall your special times with others.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I decided today that I really needed to weed out the basement stash. Four or five boxes full of junk and pretty stuff. From Americana to good old rusty tools. Now, I just need to find some muscles to move it. Haven't been able to do much with my immobilization boot. Stitches are out and just onto the rehabilitation. So, junkin downstairs was pretty fun. This week will be the hustle bustle of moving displays, clearing out the basement, and sorting through all of the boxes that people have dropped off. Can't wait to see what all there is. I have been working on some birdhouses, got to junk them up! And the rusty little tin birdhouses tied up with rafia. Too Cute! The bottles that are etched by hand are a great item to color up your garden and they are priced very reasonable. I have also been schmazzing up some denim bags. But, you can be assured that it will all available on Saturday, July 11th from 10-5.
We are really excited to be on JBKnacker's Breakfast Club tour! Saturday, July 25th. JBKnacker is located in Gilbert, just a short drive north of Ames. You are to go there first and take in all of the shop specials. Have a little bite of nourishment and caffeine. Then they provide a map prepared for some extra great shopping spots. They have outside rustic decors, shabbies, lots of ephemera, handmade necklaces with vintage game pieces. If you haven't been there yet, you really must mark your calendars and start your day in Gilbert! Anyway, hope you can stop in here and at JBKnackers. And...if you need any 6 week old kittens, they will be available soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turn down the furnace Mother Nature!

Hot, hot and hotter today! And...the reason it is hotter today is that we will be OPEN from 4-8. Well, unless the severe storms hit as predicted. The barn is a great place to be in a storm, but it stinks if you can't make a run for it eventually. The rain and hail sound great on the tin roof! There has been cleaning and shaking things up out there. Hope some of you will try to stop by. HOT DEALS for everyone!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Follow our blog all the way to the bottom and you will see what one of our barn computer techies have accomplished! I knew that whining would work some day. Nope, really, she took the photos AND wanted to share them. Don't know what I would do without good friends. All for today! Enjoy the pix!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Before I begin this post, I really must say how sorry I am for ignoring the blog. tell all of you that check in on me by one method or another, THANX! Had a little foot surgery that has s-l-o-w-e-d me down, but I am back in the barn again. At least on the main level of the barn.
It seems like it has been forever since I have sat here at the computer. We have had a litter of kittens that will be three weeks old tomorrow. Yep, I was in the recovery room and my dear friend that was running the kitty chores came in and announced that we had a very lovely litter of five. And of course, she had them in the antique carriage. How appropriate! I finally got to see them yesterday and they couldn't be any cuter or wigglier!
Since we are all back on the mend and have adjusted to the summer schedules with swimming lessons, ball games, heat and humidity, I think we should have a little gathering in the barn. Yep, Barntiques will open the stable doors again on Tuesday, June 23rd from 4-8. We are also going to be open on the second Saturday, July 11th from 10-5. I hope we get to see our old friends and meet some new friends. The barn seems so lonely and sad since we haven't been open. But, that is about to change! There is something special about times spent in the barn. Whether it is memories from childhoods or finding a special item to purchase for our own homes, we hope it brightens your day.
I will make every effort to find some newsy little piece to pass on or maybe I will actually make good on my promise of photos. We have taken some great shots, and I just can't seem to figure out how to post them here.
So, for now, I will sign off with great hopes of reuniting and resparking the interest here on the blog and in the barn. Thanx for stopping by either place!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yikes! Stop the clock!

Yikes! Why do I always do this? Take on a few other displays, pricing and adding a stairwell to boot? Gotta love what ya do, right? I DO LOVE WHAT I DO! I just think I always need to do more than I really can accomplish. Who doesn't? So, Barntiques will still be in the 'gotta dig for yourself' mode. When I had my flower shop, the front area really was tidy and well kept. Back room was a different story. Flowers, boxes with tissue and newspaper, stems everywhere and then add the water. That was another Yikes! And most of my life has been spent trying to chase the clock. Yes, Barntiques will open Friday at 10 am and the treasures will be amuck. The hay mow has been filled with old high chairs, barn doors, garden items like trellis and planted flower pots, and Americana baskets and trinkets. Mantiques is great fun. Rust, dust and manly. With a few old skelton keys, padlocks, keys and a few miniature locks too. And of course the main room will hopefully have a path. Glassware, vintage kitchen ware, bakelite eating utensils, crocks and I am not really sure what else I may uncover! I do want to remind visitors to bring a packet of flower seeds. We will be planting a flower bed at the Barntiques sign. I think it will be fun to watch the garden and friendships grow. Hope to see you this Friday and Saturday from 10-5.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Clock is ticking

The clock is ticking and we are hustling! Went garage saling yesterday, nothing great to be found except a big old rusty wheelbarrow. I picked up some petunias and a few little plants, pink of course. Lots to do, but am I having some fun! The banister and handrailers will be coming tomorrow. It really is starting to look like I was hoping for. Just wanted to put in a couple words to REMIND you that we are gonna be havin'some fun next Friday and Saturday. I am hoping that everyone will remember to bring a packet of flower seeds. We are going to put them all together and plant them. I can't wait to watch the seeds grow and turn into beautiful blooms. It will represent all of the friends of Barntiques that visit. You will have to keep coming back to watch the garden and our friendships grow. Gotta get to the barn. Have a blessed Mothers day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SpRiNg HaS SpRuNg!

Spring is still SpRiNgiNg at Barntiques! The barn has made a couple of changes. We have taken great consideration and have decided that we will be having sales on the following scheduled dates,(hopefully, I won't forget to include the schedule!) It is so exciting to have a week here and there for gathering and making and displaying and you know, mental health breaks. I am sure that our families would question the "mental health breaks!" They know we are CrAzY for junk and fun. That is why we have said that we have "junky fun and funky junk!" We have also found the staircase that is perfect and feels like it was built in 1938 with the structure. Now the real work begins. Another addition is the upcoming birth of baby kittens. It appears that Junky and Barny are more than friends! What's a barn without cats running around or just draped across a big old overstuffed chair? We have gained another junkin friend at the barn too. Gale and her wonderful hubby, Willie have been VERY instrumental in motivating and donating (hopefully, donating) physical labor to get ready for the opening of the "man-tiques" section of the barn. I will be trying to find out about local sales coming up. I know that this is very helpful in mapping out the junk huntin day(s). Our next sale is May 15th and 16th. Flier to come soon! Other area happenings are JB knacker,, located in Gilbert, Iowa. Vintage Fest will be held May 15/16. More info on that is at Old Crow Farm,, is located in Winterset, Iowa. All of these events will be great and you won't want to miss any of us! We have a great little area of fun people and good junk! So, here's the dates so far...May 15-16th, June 12-13th (also city wide garage sales) and July 17-18th. Keep checking back for updates on all this fun.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recent Observations

Recent observations. #1. City wide clean up that goes directly to the dumpster faster than anyone is allowed to pick it up, SUCKS! #2. Meteorologists get paid whether they predict rain, snow, heat, cold, windy and hot even when they are WRONG! #3. In the last four days, we have had it all except snow. #4. Iowans look forward to spring. #5. The farmers started planting their crops this week. #6. Junkers are junkers are junkers! #7. Spring brings the hope of warmer weather and outside gatherings! #8. Temperatures on Friday hit the mid 80's. #9 The high yesterday was the lowest of the lows all week. #10. The old wives tail of If it rains on Easter Sunday it will rain for the next six Sundays. #11. Old wives are damned smart, because it is off to that start! #12. I cried at many of the memories shared yesterday out in the barn. #13. (Which is one of my LUCKY numbers,) I found out that the email that I sent (well, thought I sent) didn't reach anyone. #14. I need to become literate with this machine of many uses! #15.I have great friends that helped me get ready for and run the sale. #16. I also have great friends here in junkland, like JBKnacker is Gilbert, Iowa and Old Crow Farm in rural Winterset, Iowa. #17. Our youngest (in utero) grandbaby is strong and sleeps on its little tummy and will make an arrival in early October. #18. I have hours of work this week opening up the 2nd door of the barn to what I like to call "mantiques". #19. We are getting a bit used to the whole "empty nest" syndrome. #20. If you want a job, with a paycheck no matter what your performance, go to meteorologist school!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Come see us at the Barn!

All fun and silliness aside, we are located 8 miles east of Ames. If coming in on highway 30, take the main entrance (yes, marked by the glorious wastewater treatment plant!). This will take you across the railroad tracks, through the booming mainstreet business area. Continue through town through the 4way stoplight, past John Deere, another set of rairoad tracks to the end of the street. This will be "T" avenue. Go left,(west)one block. This street ends at our driveway. Hopefully you will be able to find it by following the traffic. Pull on in and we are located in the big white barn. It is going to be a warm, sunny, bright day and we have been waiting for this since November! Grab a friend or six and let's see ya at the barn!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Reason for This

I am sitting on the computer trying to make sense of our weather. I know, I live in Iowa and it is ONLY April. The crocus and daffodil are blooming. The tulips and iris are poking out of the ground. Robins have been able to feast on worms. Families have started to venture out on walks with the dogs and kids. It really is great to see the change of season. UNTIL TODAY! Blizzard warnings have been posted, roads treacherous, churches across the state have been cancelled and I just walked through a 3 foot drift to get to the barn to feed Barnie and Junkie. There is just no reason for this!
My basement is a shamble as I have been starting and delaying several projects. I have a bunch of ideas and enough supplies to decorate half of Iowa. The sewing machine has been staring at me for weeks. you guessed it, there's no reason for this!
Did I mention that I have a touch of procrastination? Ok! More than a touch!
My husband gave me a really cool camera. And all of the works to put it on my blog. I have attempted that but my ADHD kicks in and I jump to something (or nothing) else. Once again, there is no reason for this.
I will make a promise to all of my faithful followers (and I mean every 8 of you)that I will be posting more often and begging someone to show (I am a visual kind of girl)me how to post photos.
My sidekick, Sheri is back from her spring break (sounds like she is in college-huh?). And we really have to get moving so we can open up the barn with all kinds of fun new projects! She has such a great eye for fabric. I know that she has been making aprons out of vintage material. To die for! I have seen some of her sewing skills up close and personal! I am the owner of two great bags that she has made. Hopefully we will have some of those in the barn. She also has something in her head that has to do with vintage handkerchiefs.
And, why haven't we accomplished what we were going to do all winter? Yep, there is just no reason for this.
Check back in a few days, the snow will hopefully be gone and the warmer temps will help us all get into the season of change!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

Rain, rain go away! Oh wait a minute, it is March and the temps have been hovering 60. What was I thinking? It could be snow! But, that is in the forecast towards the end of the week. Go figure. We are going to our grandson's house in northwest Iowa. Yes, I realize that this region is the first to get snow and the last to have snow! As a grandparent, little blizzard won't stop us. And...I can still detect burn piles through the snow. As I have stated before, burn piles should be outlawed until inspected by a junker!
We have a new addition to the barn. Two precious, furry, purring kittens. They are about 4 months old. Been raised in the garage with about 30 other strays. Barney and Junky have taken to us very well, of course we are the ones that have food! I always crack my husband up when I say, "but, honey, they are free!" And unfortunately I also have to hear him say "there's no such thing as FREE!" (speaking only of animals of course!) And, naturally, Barney is a typical male and wants to stay in the elite club of males always being right! Yep, second day, a little matter appears in his left eye. No problem, wipe it out right? Third day, little more GREEN yuck and eye is swollen. GREAT! Next day, still some green stuff and the eye is completely closed. Did I mention that I had to crawl, climb and do the worm dance to reach him? I made the treacherous venture of the mounds of my JUNK to get to him and he just layed there. Now I know that he is sick if he is not running away. Bad sign. It is now Friday at 5:45 pm. Vet closes at 5:30. My daughter is standing next to me and we are ready to start our ugly cry. Pulled out my Feline First Aid Kit, consisting of what the hell am I going to do list of questions and answers. Did I mention that Mary Ann was standing next to me, expecting a great potus to appear or to hug the booboo away? The heat was on and I was sweating profusely! Warm paper towel packs and LOTS of attention and I think we may be on the right track. He is peppier and has his purr machine up and running. Hopefully I can delay the opportunity of hearing "there's no such thing as free", unless it is junk! I will go check them in just a few minutes. I am hoping that the next chapter will be how they are playing with the customers and helping them load lots of goodies into their trucks!
Back to the rain situation. It has forced the inside tasks to be tackled. I got a bunch of lovely pint milk jars, some of them with the Borden logo printed on both sides. And more Ball jars. In my world there is never enough Ball jars. I use them for everything. I have also randomly gathered quite a few enamel bowls and pans. Red and black trim. Some more garden surprises too! I think I will leave you with those items to ponder and will go out and dig a bit in the garage.
I have been told that it has been difficult to leave messages. I think I have figured it all out. HOPEFULLY! I love hearing from everyone, so sorry this has been an inconvienance.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GIVE ME A "S"! GIVE ME A "P"! GIVE ME A "R"! GIVE ME AN "I"! GIVE ME A "N"! AND GIVE ME A "G"! WHAT'S IT SPELL? SPRING!!! Wish I had pom-poms, it would have made it more convincing. You get the point. We have been blessed with some normal spring days and could'nt be more happy. I journeyed out to the barn and opened up the doors to let the sunshine in. I was so excited that I started to move a few things around and get a path that only I could weave through in the dark. The males in my family have not been forthcoming with any permanent electricity so it really is a task to work out there. I would have thought since I melted the outlet on the house and ruined a drop cord or three that SOMEONE would realize I need a little help in this area. So, today, I will be dragging another cord out there and plugging in a few lights. How was I to know that since there were still places to plug in extension cords, it was unsafe? One of our family friends home is sitting empty and I was drawn by a mysterical force to the back shed. Hey, the house is going up on the block, sitting empty for months, and it was my godparents. So, why would I disappoint them, by ignoring this force. I casually walked over there. And, then, reality took over and I was on a junk hunt! There were a few items left out in the yard so I made a little pile by the garage. I mosied (is mosy a word?) back to the old work shop, opened the door and inside waiting for me was HEAVEN! Once again, I was peering in the dark as it too has no electricity, but what I saw was great. To list a few of the treasures, solid brick pavers that have raised lettering, a cement bird bath (never knew they were THAT heavy), old rakes and brooms, an animal trap, old bottles ranging in sizes of 4 oz to one gallonand a white wooden trellis (with the paint chipped off). Turned around and there it was. A wooden storage cupboard, showing the many colors it had been painted through the years.(I have since found out it had been part of the kitchen of the house that was torn down at least 50 years ago). Naturally it was attached to the walls, so this was going to take a little more effort! I started lookng for a way to get the cupboard down. Found an old shovel and started to pry it off the wall. At this point in time, there was a little (it seemed big at the time)gray mouse. Our eyes were about the same size as we both scattered. I couldn't get out of the shed fast enough! I went one way and I have no idea which way he went. Once I got over the heart palpitations, I peered inside. No sign of him. Back to work with the shovel to pry the cupboard off the wall. Two more forces of my mighty strength (yeah, right, it was still adrenaline) and the cupboard was off and it was good to go. I am really excited with the piece. I think I will leave it chippy and in it's beautiful state. After one more life changing encounter with the little gray guy, I brought my treasures home and got on line for some good mousers! I am picking up a couple of outside kitties this afternoon. It was a GREAT day and I am so thankful it is finally SPRING! Hope you put us on the map for your junkin days and stop by to play with the new kitties.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We had been enjoying some fabulous spring weather. Record temps here in Iowa and we WERE loving it. Just in time for our Let's Pretend it's Spring Sale, the winds changed, the rain moved in, the mud came with it, the temps plummetted, BUT, it was Spring inside! The tables were filled with springy grasses, tulips, eggs, spring caramels and LOTS of funky junk. And of course we had junky fun! We sold skads (Is scads a word?) of skeleton keys,dog tags, windows, vases, kitchen (vintage of course) utensils, garden statues, depression glass, chenille bedspreads, antique chicken feeders and some architectural items. WhEw! It was a great sale and what was even more fun was meeting lots of different people! I think about 90% of the sales were to people that had never been here before. Sheri and I got to meet JoJo and her darling baby girl. She and her husband have Old Crow Farm. JoJo has a great personality and we are looking forward to go to their old barn. Their first sale of the year is May 16-17th. We sent and received customers from JBKnacker in Gilbert. Brenda has been so supportive in working events together. Women love to jump from shop to shop!
We are very excited to get out into the barn and start cleaning and putting up new displays and vignettes! We have some antique floor lamps to start the new season off with. Alongside, vintage aprons, a great little childrens area with world globes, folding chairs, books, high chair, solid wood cradle, baby stroller, vintage games and additional game pcs., green depression glass and so many more items. You know I can't list them all because it would spoil the fun on opening weekend. But, you can bet there will be something for everyone. AND...I am meeting with a new designer. Her specialty is glass etching. Keep an eye out as they will be appearing in the yard as teasers! She is a crazy lady that is going to add so much to the garden areas. We are looking to open mid to late April, depending on Mother Nature. I unloaded lots of stuff yesterday and my hands were almost numb because of the cold and dampness. Where is Spring?
Gotta go! I guess since I am up I should enjoy every minute of this Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th

It is 4:30am. My 82 y/o dad was not feeling well, so he called at 2:30. We scrambled for a phone, knocked it off the table and it fell into God only knows what under our bed. I announced the time and exclaimed, "oh no, this means something dead, or they are gonna be!" Got up and grabbed the phone and it was dad. He lives alone, one block away from us. He was upset and thought he was having a heart issue. He had a heart attack and double bypass surgery on Friday the 13th, 21 years ago. He had a pacemaker put in last summer. Being the good (some would argue) daughter, I grabbed my medical bag and headed down there. I think he was in a little pain (although not heart related). After sitting with him for a bit, took his blood pressure, checked his pulse, felt his head, got him some meds (that's a whole nother post or six), got him into bed, with the heating pad and he settled down. I came home, tried to go back to sleep and here I am sitting at the computer!
Today would have been my moms 80th birthday. She was born on a Friday the 13th and married on a Friday the 13th. I have always had good luck on her day. She has been gone for 21 years. I miss her still and especially today. We lost her to a heart ailment when she was 58. She always told us that "there's alot of things worse than death." I do understand this theory. In honoring moms birthday, I have always tried to do something that she would have thought sweet. I have bought carnations and given them all to her friends with a card. The card was plain on the inside and I wrote a note about some funny thing they had done together or how she loved them. One year I took some of them for lunch. This year is different. There are very few of her friends alive now. They are in nursing homes or in bad health. I saw her brother (my Uncle Roger) the other day. He is younger than she. He did not know I was there. He has become even shorter than he was and staggered with pain as he walked. I am not sure how mom would have looked on her 80th birthday and I wish she were here. Hell, I wish she were here everyday! But, I would never wish her any more pain. And to this day I will honor her in a special way.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let's Pretend it's Spring! Sale!

I can't believe the many items I already have displayed for the sale. And...I am going to be bringing more on Monday. We generally have the sales outside,but we have opted for warmth and coziness. There are vintage aprons, primitive oil lamps, globes and we haven't even packed up the china hutch, basement or attic. The path that my husband has strongly urged to remain clear has diminished in size. We have even made overnite reservations at our dear neighbor Pearl's house!
Barntiques is always happy to meet new friends. But our old (not the age of the owners)friends at JB Knacker in Gilbert are also throwing out the welcome mat for all of your shopping pleasures. You need to check out her great website and blog, If you have ever been there and for you that have not visited, the shop is actually a two story house. They have a fabulous array of items. She often offers classes. The jewelry soldering class has been my favorite. It is great to have the opportunity to get together and throw some ideas around the round table! Brenda is a great person to work with and I really admire her knowlege and experience. She has mentioned forming a Guild and I think that sounds very inticing! I am sure we will have to don our vintage hats and broaches while sipping tea out of beautiful china tea cups. We will have sale fliers here at our house and at JB Knacker!
There are some old camping chairs calling my name. No, not to sit in, but to get priced and displayed! Yes, the old windows and garden decors is hollering from the yard, so here's to a great Saturday to you all. I will keep you posted with updates. Thanx for stopping by. Please let me know you were here, as a new blogger, it really is exciting to see who all has been by. For now, Let's Pretend it's Spring!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's pretend that it is SPRING!

Living here in the middle of Iowa, with forecasts of MORE snow makes one a bit crazy. We need to see and hear the birds. I have not even seen a robin yet. There are still piles of snow, smaller than two weeks ago when we had a tease of 60 degrees. I really want to see the grass greening up, the daffodils and hyacinth peeking up through the ground. SO, I have decided that I am going to pretend that it is SPRING! I know that we many of us are visual people, and I promise to get photos up and going this weekend. That is my goal! I have decided to have a PRETEND IT IS SPRING sale. I have been gathering and I can't wait to see people go through bins of vintage aprons, linens, 1947 Pioneer corn seed sacks. I am sure excited about the vingtage (what am I talking about-they are the games I played!) board games, antique wooden cradle, brass baby doll bed,marble top tables, lots of windows, large screens from a house built in the late 1900's, lots of ephemera, loads of old kitchen tools and a whole lot of junky fun. The actual sale is Saturday, March 7th from 9-5 at my acreage. Too cold in the barn, so we will be inside the house. I have evicted the child day care for two weeks so I don't have the helpers rearanging my displays. And in mentioning all of the items and more, I may have to move out too! My acreage is at 2000 5th street, Nevada, Iowa. I PROMISE to keep you updated on items and fun! Stop by and see our funky junk and junky fun! I hope you will take time and let me know you stopped by the blog! I would ask that you include your email address or blog. I don't know how to contact some of you by just leaving a post. Thanx alot for checking us out! What! OOOPS! I think I hear a bird chirping in the tree!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I tried, but I just couldn't let my LEAST favorite day of the year go by without venting! I can hardly type the occassion without letting out a deep groan and a mean scowl across my forehead. I have always felt that this is the one occassion that is sooo over rated! I worked in the floral industry for many years and we even owned a popular shop in our hometown. Most customers think that the event was conjured up by some bored card making, flower poking, chocolatiers, that needed to rack up some sales between Christmas and Mothers Day! And if I would have been able to cancel it, I would have! It was the costliest, least profitable event. The prices of roses were at a premium, staffing the design room a sheer headache, scheduling the delivery trucks, and this was in the days before credit cards, so then the billing and the blah, blah, blah. Wow! That felt good to release all of that negative energy! Anyway, now I get to make fun stuff out of old junk, have little overhead, make people smile and no one has to pay an arm or a leg. (Maybe a table leg!) Little did I know then, that there are alot of people lovin the rusty junk as much as I did! That is really the point I have been trying to get to. We have all heard that the economy has had the bottom ripped out, chewed up and spit out. But, through it all, finding ways to say or show that you love someone or appreciate friends and family does not have to have a dollar amount. In fact, some of the best gifts that we get, are giving our own love to others. Forget the 110 million red roses that will be sold in a three day period, the 1330 different selections of greeting cards, or the eight BILLION conversation hearts sold between January 15th thru the 14th of February. Even at a very young age I always knew that I was loved. And, I also knew that some people were loved but weren't told or shown. Call it peer pressure, but I did not know how many people bought and sent themselves roses. All in the name of St. Valentine. The important thing to do is let others know that they are loved. And if you happen to show it with a little rusty, chippy, shabby or junky treasure, it will make your own heart glow! Lastly, I want to express the appreciation I have for all of you fellow bloggers, readers or stumblers. You are all loved.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The girls at the table

Last week, we had what I think should be called "A Roundtable". No, I am not talking about a round table. I am referring to a little session of 'come on over to my house, let me throw some junk on the table and let's just see what we come up with. My sidekick Sheri, Brenda from JBKnackers and her sweet baby Cecelia, and a fellow friend and customer, Amy were here. We had a great time of getting an idea and building off of it. We took apart a few things and wiggled 'em around. There were alot of ideas and a few head scratchers. The cinnamon tea was flowing and we were so busy talking that I forgot to get out the little nibbley things. The conversation moved quickly from old keys, pearls, bed springs, vintage Valentines, cooing at precious Cecelia to filling little glass bottles, ephemera, old storm windows and clothes pins. I have had time to ponder the roundtable. I would say that each of us added to every conversation. Some of the ideas were no brainers that made at least one of us crack up! It is very evident that no two heads think alike. And, that two heads are better than one. I have entirely too much stuff! We all are looking forward to spring. Each of us admitted to having the most understanding if not just plain tolerable husbands. Today, as I sat down to write this entry, I figured out one more thing. We don't have to work at creating the newest idea using the oldest of items that will rock the trash to treasure world! We only have to surround ourselves with friends, old stuff that bring back good memories and the chance to be comfortable. So, here's hoping that you have a roundtable of your own real soon. And, when you do, share it with us.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Living the Dream

From my earliest memories I remember my mom working the polls at the election. She was born red, white and blue. And she was one of those democrats that liked to share her political views. She put signs in the yard, collected all of the political buttons and wore them too. She loved adding to her donkey collection and showing them off to her republican friends. Her political views were passed to each of her children. We passed this down to our children and to her honor the tradition is continuing. My four year old great niece even pretends that she is Michelle Obama. How adorable to see Nyla put her hand on her hip, flip her two big old foofy hair poofs and say with quite a diva attitude "Hello, my name is Michelle Obama and you should vote for my husband, so... we can start calling him President Obama!" This was spoken so eloquently from the pretend podium. My mom would have eaten up every precious moment with her grands and great grands. That brings me to the real meat of this message. WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM! I have not been able to pull myself from CNN with the coverage of Martin Luther King Jr Day and the inauguration of Barack Obama. We are living out the dream! The dream of equal rights of all Americans. The backs of the buses are not reserved for anyone anymore. We all drink out of the same water faucet. Public education is exactly that. It is for everyone. And the list goes on. Unfortunately, I take alot of these rights and issues for granted. You see, I am blessed to say that I have great nieces and nephews on both sides of our family that are African American. We have been privileged to have several African American children in our home for day care. One day, my oldest great niece asked "what color is my new baby sister going to be?" That knocked me back a few steps, not really knowing the answer that her parents would approve of. We talked a while and she and I came up with cinnamon toast. My mom passed away twenty years ago. She never knew how her political views would transcend into the future. She did not get to live out her dream. Frequently we feel her presence and I smirk or get a tear in my eye. Now I remember why she loved cinnamon toast. We will continue celebrating this historic time and hope everyone is living their dream.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You know it is C-O-L-D when...

...junkin nite gets cancelled due to weather. We have not had school for three days. Snow, blizzard conditions and below zero temps. It takes alot for us to postpone a junkin journey! Remember it was in my own basement. Three of the junkers live out of town. Rural driving can be so dangerous. Some roads are not primary and do not see the snowplow for a couple of days. And this, an old 1938 house with block walls and a cement floor. The frost was really bad around the windows and it was chilly down there. The junker of the evening was me. And the junkees will be over next week. But, I can tell you a few of the items I thought would be a big hit. Lots of miniature padlocks, tags, vintage jewelry, wooden ballisters, a couple of old green window screens, little bottles, ribbon, skeleton keys and gemstones to mention a few.
I did get my holiday tree decorated. It is a 6 foot pencil tree. Clear and red lights. Three wooden plaques, hope, love and peace. Snowflakes, country wooden hearts with little buttons and some tin snowflakes.
The seasonal array of vintage Valentines from 1927, lace and doilies will be out and displayed tomorrow. Better get to work. The grunging jar is calling me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goin Junkin!

Oh boy! I am goin junkin tomorrow nite. We are having below zero temps, more snow and I just need a good junkin night! I have invited Brenda (quirky kind of gal) from, a fun girl that has a sign company and my crazy sidekick, Sheri. Sheri is a fun, good hearted woman with deep spiritual faith. She can talk about ANYTHING! More about that in another blog (always gotta look forward to the next blog). Back to the junkin night. Did I mention that this trip will be in my basement? I am wondering if that is a sign of a true junker or should I be embarrassed? It truelly is a junkers delight. So, we are going to the basement, find anything we want in a short period of time and head back upstairs to put it to good use. I will have to figure out the whole picture thing so I can show you what we have created! I am going to close out with my mantra of Every piece of junk is someone's memory. Think about it and I am sure you will understand where I am coming from!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let me introduce myself some more

I have just celebrated my 49th birthday! I also celebrated the 2nd anniversary of breast cancer survivorship. My co-survivor is my husband of 30 years. We are high school sweethearts, graduated (walked together in graduation ceremonies) in 1978. Vern served 10 years in the US Navy. Yes, we were married at 18 years old. He was stationed on the east coast. During that time we had two children. Michael is 29. He and his wife, Courtnie have two boys. Easton is 5 and Emmitt is 3. Now I know why I thought my mom was a freak carrying around photo albums of the grandkids. I am now the freak. Although, I have a pocket video frame. There will be plenty of stories about the EE's! Our daughter, Mary Ann 26, lives with us. She provides child care. I have a niece, Addie that means the world to me. She and her husband, Dwight have Nyla 4, and Jabari is 2. My dad is 82 and lives one block from us. And I can guarantee there will be stories about him! Vern works for 3M. Hopefully he will be able to continue through this rough road that we are all on. Me, I am pretty much a Jill of all trades and master of a few. More on that in another post. That pretty much is the run down on our little family. Our EXTENDED family is ever growing and so loved and appreciated. In blogging, I hope to show some great photos of befores and afters of the junkin trade. I absofrickinglutely am a collector of wwwaaayyyyy too many things. I come by it naturally from my dad. He has many collections! Once we get the hang of this blogging thing, I will show you what I mean. I am sure I will be at this again as we prepare for blizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow!

A Time for Change, I hope!

Whoa! With support from my husband and encouragement from friends I have entered into the world of blogging. I find myself talking out loud to the dogs or anyone that may listen. So, I figured that blogging would be the right thing to do! I am not one that discusses religion, politics or money. Those three subjects are squeezing into my comfort zone. But, I have taken to them lately. I voted for Barack Obama. I support the time for change. And I support him. I love to listen to him speak. I feel like he is talking right to me. And, I love that! I am excited to see a typical family in the White House. And...I am really excited to find out what kind of dog will be honored to be the "first dog!" I feel like there are enough of us supporters to actually make changes. I am making little changes. I am trying to figure out my new camera, video frame and little pocket video frame. Another change is that I am going to start making healthier decisions. Oh! I can't believe I am putting that into print. Now it is official. I will continue to pay it forward as I do believe in it. So, thanx for reading and hopefully I will make this blogging event fun and interesting to everyone.