FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GIVE ME A "S"! GIVE ME A "P"! GIVE ME A "R"! GIVE ME AN "I"! GIVE ME A "N"! AND GIVE ME A "G"! WHAT'S IT SPELL? SPRING!!! Wish I had pom-poms, it would have made it more convincing. You get the point. We have been blessed with some normal spring days and could'nt be more happy. I journeyed out to the barn and opened up the doors to let the sunshine in. I was so excited that I started to move a few things around and get a path that only I could weave through in the dark. The males in my family have not been forthcoming with any permanent electricity so it really is a task to work out there. I would have thought since I melted the outlet on the house and ruined a drop cord or three that SOMEONE would realize I need a little help in this area. So, today, I will be dragging another cord out there and plugging in a few lights. How was I to know that since there were still places to plug in extension cords, it was unsafe? One of our family friends home is sitting empty and I was drawn by a mysterical force to the back shed. Hey, the house is going up on the block, sitting empty for months, and it was my godparents. So, why would I disappoint them, by ignoring this force. I casually walked over there. And, then, reality took over and I was on a junk hunt! There were a few items left out in the yard so I made a little pile by the garage. I mosied (is mosy a word?) back to the old work shop, opened the door and inside waiting for me was HEAVEN! Once again, I was peering in the dark as it too has no electricity, but what I saw was great. To list a few of the treasures, solid brick pavers that have raised lettering, a cement bird bath (never knew they were THAT heavy), old rakes and brooms, an animal trap, old bottles ranging in sizes of 4 oz to one gallonand a white wooden trellis (with the paint chipped off). Turned around and there it was. A wooden storage cupboard, showing the many colors it had been painted through the years.(I have since found out it had been part of the kitchen of the house that was torn down at least 50 years ago). Naturally it was attached to the walls, so this was going to take a little more effort! I started lookng for a way to get the cupboard down. Found an old shovel and started to pry it off the wall. At this point in time, there was a little (it seemed big at the time)gray mouse. Our eyes were about the same size as we both scattered. I couldn't get out of the shed fast enough! I went one way and I have no idea which way he went. Once I got over the heart palpitations, I peered inside. No sign of him. Back to work with the shovel to pry the cupboard off the wall. Two more forces of my mighty strength (yeah, right, it was still adrenaline) and the cupboard was off and it was good to go. I am really excited with the piece. I think I will leave it chippy and in it's beautiful state. After one more life changing encounter with the little gray guy, I brought my treasures home and got on line for some good mousers! I am picking up a couple of outside kitties this afternoon. It was a GREAT day and I am so thankful it is finally SPRING! Hope you put us on the map for your junkin days and stop by to play with the new kitties.


  1. I also enjoy reading your blog and have tried to leave comments before put not sure what I'm doing wrong. Hope this one makes it to you. Take care, Sue

  2. Are you planning on selling the said mousy cupboard? What great finds...