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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

Rain, rain go away! Oh wait a minute, it is March and the temps have been hovering 60. What was I thinking? It could be snow! But, that is in the forecast towards the end of the week. Go figure. We are going to our grandson's house in northwest Iowa. Yes, I realize that this region is the first to get snow and the last to have snow! As a grandparent, little blizzard won't stop us. And...I can still detect burn piles through the snow. As I have stated before, burn piles should be outlawed until inspected by a junker!
We have a new addition to the barn. Two precious, furry, purring kittens. They are about 4 months old. Been raised in the garage with about 30 other strays. Barney and Junky have taken to us very well, of course we are the ones that have food! I always crack my husband up when I say, "but, honey, they are free!" And unfortunately I also have to hear him say "there's no such thing as FREE!" (speaking only of animals of course!) And, naturally, Barney is a typical male and wants to stay in the elite club of males always being right! Yep, second day, a little matter appears in his left eye. No problem, wipe it out right? Third day, little more GREEN yuck and eye is swollen. GREAT! Next day, still some green stuff and the eye is completely closed. Did I mention that I had to crawl, climb and do the worm dance to reach him? I made the treacherous venture of the mounds of my JUNK to get to him and he just layed there. Now I know that he is sick if he is not running away. Bad sign. It is now Friday at 5:45 pm. Vet closes at 5:30. My daughter is standing next to me and we are ready to start our ugly cry. Pulled out my Feline First Aid Kit, consisting of what the hell am I going to do list of questions and answers. Did I mention that Mary Ann was standing next to me, expecting a great potus to appear or to hug the booboo away? The heat was on and I was sweating profusely! Warm paper towel packs and LOTS of attention and I think we may be on the right track. He is peppier and has his purr machine up and running. Hopefully I can delay the opportunity of hearing "there's no such thing as free", unless it is junk! I will go check them in just a few minutes. I am hoping that the next chapter will be how they are playing with the customers and helping them load lots of goodies into their trucks!
Back to the rain situation. It has forced the inside tasks to be tackled. I got a bunch of lovely pint milk jars, some of them with the Borden logo printed on both sides. And more Ball jars. In my world there is never enough Ball jars. I use them for everything. I have also randomly gathered quite a few enamel bowls and pans. Red and black trim. Some more garden surprises too! I think I will leave you with those items to ponder and will go out and dig a bit in the garage.
I have been told that it has been difficult to leave messages. I think I have figured it all out. HOPEFULLY! I love hearing from everyone, so sorry this has been an inconvienance.


  1. I love the name junky, how cute!! Hope the kitties are doing better. Yes, the rain does suck, but you are so could be snow EEK!! Hope you have fun digging in the garage! I can't wait to see what you find in the burn piles. Will stay posted:) jojo

  2. Do you have other sale dates already picked out for this year???

    Would love to know so I can put them on my calendar.

    Trying to figure out where most of the occasional sales are in North Central Iowa!


    Deb Brennan