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Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Reason for This

I am sitting on the computer trying to make sense of our weather. I know, I live in Iowa and it is ONLY April. The crocus and daffodil are blooming. The tulips and iris are poking out of the ground. Robins have been able to feast on worms. Families have started to venture out on walks with the dogs and kids. It really is great to see the change of season. UNTIL TODAY! Blizzard warnings have been posted, roads treacherous, churches across the state have been cancelled and I just walked through a 3 foot drift to get to the barn to feed Barnie and Junkie. There is just no reason for this!
My basement is a shamble as I have been starting and delaying several projects. I have a bunch of ideas and enough supplies to decorate half of Iowa. The sewing machine has been staring at me for weeks. you guessed it, there's no reason for this!
Did I mention that I have a touch of procrastination? Ok! More than a touch!
My husband gave me a really cool camera. And all of the works to put it on my blog. I have attempted that but my ADHD kicks in and I jump to something (or nothing) else. Once again, there is no reason for this.
I will make a promise to all of my faithful followers (and I mean every 8 of you)that I will be posting more often and begging someone to show (I am a visual kind of girl)me how to post photos.
My sidekick, Sheri is back from her spring break (sounds like she is in college-huh?). And we really have to get moving so we can open up the barn with all kinds of fun new projects! She has such a great eye for fabric. I know that she has been making aprons out of vintage material. To die for! I have seen some of her sewing skills up close and personal! I am the owner of two great bags that she has made. Hopefully we will have some of those in the barn. She also has something in her head that has to do with vintage handkerchiefs.
And, why haven't we accomplished what we were going to do all winter? Yep, there is just no reason for this.
Check back in a few days, the snow will hopefully be gone and the warmer temps will help us all get into the season of change!


  1. I am a total procrastinator too! Seems like I need a little stress to get me movin sometimes! Hopefully thats it for the winter weather. Can't wait to see pics. jojo

  2. Hey Fellow Iowan!
    If I can put images on ANYBODY can, just remember, the computer is your friend. I feel VERY proud of myself that I can make my little friend go! When you put in your little card from your camera, your computer will ask you to download them, do that and then go to your blog and "post" there is a little box with a photo on it, click on that, and I think you also hit "brouse" {this is hard for me, when it's not in front of me} it will take you to your downloaded pics, click on one of your pics, then hit open, It will take you back to your "post" site and then just hit "post" and you pic should be on.{I hope} Just play with it. I'm a "junker" not a computer nurd, I'm just not wired for this, however it does make me feel pretty good that I can even start this thing up! I love your blog and I think we have a lot in common. NOW GET THOSE IMAGES ON!
    'til next time,
    Barb C