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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recent Observations

Recent observations. #1. City wide clean up that goes directly to the dumpster faster than anyone is allowed to pick it up, SUCKS! #2. Meteorologists get paid whether they predict rain, snow, heat, cold, windy and hot even when they are WRONG! #3. In the last four days, we have had it all except snow. #4. Iowans look forward to spring. #5. The farmers started planting their crops this week. #6. Junkers are junkers are junkers! #7. Spring brings the hope of warmer weather and outside gatherings! #8. Temperatures on Friday hit the mid 80's. #9 The high yesterday was the lowest of the lows all week. #10. The old wives tail of If it rains on Easter Sunday it will rain for the next six Sundays. #11. Old wives are damned smart, because it is off to that start! #12. I cried at many of the memories shared yesterday out in the barn. #13. (Which is one of my LUCKY numbers,) I found out that the email that I sent (well, thought I sent) didn't reach anyone. #14. I need to become literate with this machine of many uses! #15.I have great friends that helped me get ready for and run the sale. #16. I also have great friends here in junkland, like JBKnacker is Gilbert, Iowa and Old Crow Farm in rural Winterset, Iowa. #17. Our youngest (in utero) grandbaby is strong and sleeps on its little tummy and will make an arrival in early October. #18. I have hours of work this week opening up the 2nd door of the barn to what I like to call "mantiques". #19. We are getting a bit used to the whole "empty nest" syndrome. #20. If you want a job, with a paycheck no matter what your performance, go to meteorologist school!

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