FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 4 out of 7! I am over half way there! Today we are going to talk about Gale's lamps. It is pretty straightforward. And as you get more acquainted with Gale, that is just her personality. Don't ask if you don't want her opinion. Willie is her junk husband. He can do ANYTHING that we have asked him to do. Pulled out a set of steps from a garage and re worked them to fit in the barn. So thanx to Willie, Vern and Gale for that addition. We get so many compliments on the steps and upstairs. You all know, well, now you know that I talk out loud and think through, ok partially through projects out loud. Can't do that around Gale and Willie because they are standing,and there they are waiting with their tools to start and finish the job. I can imagine the outcome, but, I am not realistic on how to do it. They are!
Back to the lamps. And, yes I will get Gale to post some pics on here today or tomorrow. They have scoured yard sales, good will stores, neighbors trash (one of my favorite shopping spots). Always a keen eye to old lamps, parts, shades and whatever. Some of the lamps that they made and are gone is a pink melmac coffee cup and saucers piled cutely on top of each other. And just to let you know, I have more of them, so maybe it will be replaced! That one went to a good home Saturday. They have made them out of old lantern, soccer ball, birdhouse, oil can, you name it they will try it. I would try to give a tutorial on it, but can't tutor a subject I don't know. Maybe we can get one of them put their actions in words.
So here's to day four. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thanx Andrea

Day three of seven postings! I was asked to make a presentation to Bible School kids at the methodist church here in town. I don't really attend church so much, but I do have a history here. I was baptized, confirmed and married in this church. Lots of great memories. My momma has been gone for 22 years and I can still see her sitting in the last pew.
The theme of the week is Survivor. They asked me to speak on the survivorship of cancer. I survived with my co-survivor (husband) three and one half years ago. So, I am trying to prepare something that would be fitting for all four of the age groups. We survived through the faith that we have. I know that God guided my amazing journey so that I could talk about survivorship. Some days I feel terribly guilty that I am a survivor. That is when I have to take the time to pray. I am thankful that I am known as a survivor of breast cancer. I wear as much pink as I can and talk to as many as I can that early detection saved my life. My sister in law had cancer. We had a great conversation over the phone about all kinds of stuff. The last thing she said to me was "get your mammogram". She died five days later. As promised I made my appointment and had the procedure. It was one month to the date of her death that the doctor told me I had breast cancer. We prayed and cried. We had to tell our kids. So hard that was. But I knew that God was with us and I had to be strong. Two months to the date of her death, I had my bilateral mastectomy. I was lucky. They removed the cancer. I know that God was with us in every way. And my sister in law got the last word. Thanx Andrea.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Button, button, who's got the button?

Day two of my commitment of posting here on our blog for seven days in a row. Figure by day 7 it should become a habit!
I love buttons. Big, little, tiny, shiny, four hole, two hole, round and any other button I find. My dad used to go to so many auctions and in the treasures he found would almost always be a jar or card full of buttons. So, many years ago, I too started picking them up as they are so available. I have put them in jars, lamps, wreaths, on photos and crafts too. My latest button craze has been making little flowers out of them. I will try to get the junk photographer to snap a couple of pix and post here. I have sold over 200 of them. And now, I will be adding them to fun junk in the barn. They look so cute with a couple of them and a simple tied bow. Adorable on a little tree. I use 3-5 buttons varying in shapes and size. I put the largest one on a wire, following with the next one in size. Then I push the wire through the rest of the wire coming back down to form a stem. Wrap them up with a little flower tape and WA-LA! A cute little flower to nestle into a book mark, decorate a gift, glue them all together and make a bokay of them on a plan gift bag, barrettes for the hair. Here's hoping that you will get inspired and make your own little button flowers.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got lot's of catching up to do!

I apologize for the lack of postings here. I am not sure where the time went, but there was alot going on, I guess! Welcome to all of the new readers that picked up our business cards with zealousness yesterday!
Huge shout out to Brenda and the gals (yes, you too Neil!)at JBKnacker. We feel so privileged to have been included on the first Breakfast Club in 2010. You guys always do it up right! The girls that came here were so fun and 95% of the customers were straight from your doors. THANX BUNCHES! Brenda posts and advertises in all the right spots and then shares with us little guys. I wonder how many made it back to Gilbert having completed the route. Great fun. If you haven't ever been to JBKnacker, they are at 123 main street in Gilbert. I only wish I had the eye for design and setting up the most fabulous displays.
We have began selling jewelry. And was that a hit yesterday. Sheri is the master of design for these quirky little sayings pounded into old spoons, trays or anything else you may want personalized. First day of selling and sold 6 or so.
Gale and Willie have made lamps out of interesting items and her pink melmac coffee cup lamp sold. Don't worry, if you want one, I have more pink (go dishes to make more.
We have done alot of junkin and have a whole building to pull from to cover the empty spaces made yesterday. The best part of having these monthly sales is we have time to go looking for just the right rusty tool, lantern, ladders, garden decor, fancy smancy glass, furniture and all the other great finds.
I will be posting more often and the junk photographers will be posting new pics!
With all of the hub bub yesterday I forgot to tell people that there are a litter of baby kitties that we have not found yet. Mama kitty has hid them well this time. Hope you all visit here again and next posting will have hints for what you may find at the next sale...July 10th which happens to be junker Gale's bday. Maybe we will have cake! No candles in the barn, especially 51 of them!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Past, present and upcoming

Well, we have some catching up to do. Our first sale went great. Fun to meet great friends, old and new. Sara with handmade jewelry and Mary with spa product were a great addition. So much fun, we have asked them back. Seriously it was so fun! Gale, Sheri and I have been working on new projects. We will be open on Saturday, June 26th from 9-noon for a special sale. Brenda from JB Knacker, 123 main street in Gilbert is having a Breakfast tour. You start at her shop and the treats and coffee are ALWAYS so good. She has a great shop filled with so many handmade items, repurposed junk, great ephemera and a real compassion for her shop and her customers. She is a gem. She will be giving out a map with several (4-7) barns, shops and a garage sale to die for. I will be giving out yard stones to the first 13 (love that number) customers. And I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. I have been gathering and the barn is so full we have little settings outside in the barnyard. I will promise to be more current, there is just so many things and so little time! Plan on a great day of junking on Saturday. It is sounds like alot fun, I want to go when we close. See you soon. Remember our sale is on the second saturday of each month. I will try to remember to let you know where the other sales are for the tour.