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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 4 out of 7! I am over half way there! Today we are going to talk about Gale's lamps. It is pretty straightforward. And as you get more acquainted with Gale, that is just her personality. Don't ask if you don't want her opinion. Willie is her junk husband. He can do ANYTHING that we have asked him to do. Pulled out a set of steps from a garage and re worked them to fit in the barn. So thanx to Willie, Vern and Gale for that addition. We get so many compliments on the steps and upstairs. You all know, well, now you know that I talk out loud and think through, ok partially through projects out loud. Can't do that around Gale and Willie because they are standing,and there they are waiting with their tools to start and finish the job. I can imagine the outcome, but, I am not realistic on how to do it. They are!
Back to the lamps. And, yes I will get Gale to post some pics on here today or tomorrow. They have scoured yard sales, good will stores, neighbors trash (one of my favorite shopping spots). Always a keen eye to old lamps, parts, shades and whatever. Some of the lamps that they made and are gone is a pink melmac coffee cup and saucers piled cutely on top of each other. And just to let you know, I have more of them, so maybe it will be replaced! That one went to a good home Saturday. They have made them out of old lantern, soccer ball, birdhouse, oil can, you name it they will try it. I would try to give a tutorial on it, but can't tutor a subject I don't know. Maybe we can get one of them put their actions in words.
So here's to day four. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Wait a mean Gale is a bit outspoken...that if I ask her something...she'll tell me the sugar coating? :) That's what I LOVE about her. And you, Kay. How the heck are ya? It's been too long. I am sad that I can't be at your July sale. Perhaps we should get together for lunch or something sometime? Or you could host a spa for me! You could come to my house so you don't have to clean...though my house won't be clean either so it's a toss up... Anyway, I'd love to pamper you and Gale and whomever! I'm doing one for your MaryAnn and I am very excited about it! Guess that's it from here. Miss you guys... Have a wonderful rest of the week! Woo Hoo for Hump Day today! :)