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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got lot's of catching up to do!

I apologize for the lack of postings here. I am not sure where the time went, but there was alot going on, I guess! Welcome to all of the new readers that picked up our business cards with zealousness yesterday!
Huge shout out to Brenda and the gals (yes, you too Neil!)at JBKnacker. We feel so privileged to have been included on the first Breakfast Club in 2010. You guys always do it up right! The girls that came here were so fun and 95% of the customers were straight from your doors. THANX BUNCHES! Brenda posts and advertises in all the right spots and then shares with us little guys. I wonder how many made it back to Gilbert having completed the route. Great fun. If you haven't ever been to JBKnacker, they are at 123 main street in Gilbert. I only wish I had the eye for design and setting up the most fabulous displays.
We have began selling jewelry. And was that a hit yesterday. Sheri is the master of design for these quirky little sayings pounded into old spoons, trays or anything else you may want personalized. First day of selling and sold 6 or so.
Gale and Willie have made lamps out of interesting items and her pink melmac coffee cup lamp sold. Don't worry, if you want one, I have more pink (go dishes to make more.
We have done alot of junkin and have a whole building to pull from to cover the empty spaces made yesterday. The best part of having these monthly sales is we have time to go looking for just the right rusty tool, lantern, ladders, garden decor, fancy smancy glass, furniture and all the other great finds.
I will be posting more often and the junk photographers will be posting new pics!
With all of the hub bub yesterday I forgot to tell people that there are a litter of baby kitties that we have not found yet. Mama kitty has hid them well this time. Hope you all visit here again and next posting will have hints for what you may find at the next sale...July 10th which happens to be junker Gale's bday. Maybe we will have cake! No candles in the barn, especially 51 of them!

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