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Monday, June 28, 2010

Button, button, who's got the button?

Day two of my commitment of posting here on our blog for seven days in a row. Figure by day 7 it should become a habit!
I love buttons. Big, little, tiny, shiny, four hole, two hole, round and any other button I find. My dad used to go to so many auctions and in the treasures he found would almost always be a jar or card full of buttons. So, many years ago, I too started picking them up as they are so available. I have put them in jars, lamps, wreaths, on photos and crafts too. My latest button craze has been making little flowers out of them. I will try to get the junk photographer to snap a couple of pix and post here. I have sold over 200 of them. And now, I will be adding them to fun junk in the barn. They look so cute with a couple of them and a simple tied bow. Adorable on a little tree. I use 3-5 buttons varying in shapes and size. I put the largest one on a wire, following with the next one in size. Then I push the wire through the rest of the wire coming back down to form a stem. Wrap them up with a little flower tape and WA-LA! A cute little flower to nestle into a book mark, decorate a gift, glue them all together and make a bokay of them on a plan gift bag, barrettes for the hair. Here's hoping that you will get inspired and make your own little button flowers.

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