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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thanx Andrea

Day three of seven postings! I was asked to make a presentation to Bible School kids at the methodist church here in town. I don't really attend church so much, but I do have a history here. I was baptized, confirmed and married in this church. Lots of great memories. My momma has been gone for 22 years and I can still see her sitting in the last pew.
The theme of the week is Survivor. They asked me to speak on the survivorship of cancer. I survived with my co-survivor (husband) three and one half years ago. So, I am trying to prepare something that would be fitting for all four of the age groups. We survived through the faith that we have. I know that God guided my amazing journey so that I could talk about survivorship. Some days I feel terribly guilty that I am a survivor. That is when I have to take the time to pray. I am thankful that I am known as a survivor of breast cancer. I wear as much pink as I can and talk to as many as I can that early detection saved my life. My sister in law had cancer. We had a great conversation over the phone about all kinds of stuff. The last thing she said to me was "get your mammogram". She died five days later. As promised I made my appointment and had the procedure. It was one month to the date of her death that the doctor told me I had breast cancer. We prayed and cried. We had to tell our kids. So hard that was. But I knew that God was with us and I had to be strong. Two months to the date of her death, I had my bilateral mastectomy. I was lucky. They removed the cancer. I know that God was with us in every way. And my sister in law got the last word. Thanx Andrea.

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