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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sheri's jewelry

Day 5 of 7! We may have a break in the original goal. We will be refinishing our hardwood floors. They look pretty worn, but they have alot of stories to tell us. Just a reminder that we live in my grampa's house. Love it! So, Vern and I are going to work the holiday weekend. Hope it goes much easier than I have pictured in my head. (We won't go there!)
Junker Sheri is so creative and unlike me, follows the project from start to finish. Well, kinda. We have been gathering old spoons. We will take any and all that you have on hand that are not using. Actually, after you see her new jewelry line, you may want to keep them. As usual, no photos. I have three of them and I can never choose which one to wear, so I wear them all! She takes the spoon, turns them over and flattens them. And, she has a real method. Hammer to spoon! And, then there are a few secrets to the final product. She has two different sizes of letter press. A few of the words she has used is Ma Kay, nana honey, x0x0, junk mama, sew little time, quilt junkie, and alot more. She finishes them off with cute little junk embezzelments. So cute and they are selling like hot cakes!
Guess you will just have to come to BARNTIQUES next Saturday, July 10th. We will be here from 9-3! FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN! WE are located at 2000 5th st, Nevada, Iowa!

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  1. I SO WISH I would be coming...I will be running in a race instead...maybe I can leave early, though... Anyway, LUCK and hope your sale goes AWESOME!! All we have to do is get people to come out there and they're hooked. Your stuff is pretty amazing...cause it shows the heart and passion you guys put in! Later gators!