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Saturday, July 31, 2010

It is still July

I had to hurry and post a blog today so it doesn't look like I only had one post for the whole month. Wow! Not real sure where the time went but it is almost time to turn the calendar again. We had a really good time at Briggs Woods. The cabins were so quaint. Great breakfasts cooked over the fire by Michael and Courtnie. We were in charge of dinners. The mosquito's were in charge of entertainment. Sprays on our bodies and several different outside sprays were no challenge to the hungry little blood suckers. It was fun to watch the boys play and sleep. More play than sleep!
We had picked up alot of fun junk right before the July sale. And...lots of it sold quickly. Our August 14th sale will be bigger and better. I have been very fortunate to acquire many new (our new is really old!) pieces. The barnyard is full of doors, iron garden items, well worn tools and great decor,scroll wood from a lovely home here in Nevada. (I will miss my "window guy!") He and his family moved to Florida. Good luck to Tom Peace and his family! We have many new glass/crystal items. If it ever cools off (and I don't mean SNOW!) I am gonna go crazy with white spray paint.
Barntiques will be happy to have Rick Trine back with his willow furniture. What lovely pieces and great prices too! Haven't heard from Mary (the spa girl) and Sara (the jewelry lady) yet. We have got some fun things we are working on. Sure hope they can be here too. Our barn family is growing by leaps and bounds. Here's a shout out to all of our friends that have been having a tough go. Love ya all and know we are praying for you. I will do my best to get back into the blog mode, so be patient with me.

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