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Friday, March 13, 2009

We had been enjoying some fabulous spring weather. Record temps here in Iowa and we WERE loving it. Just in time for our Let's Pretend it's Spring Sale, the winds changed, the rain moved in, the mud came with it, the temps plummetted, BUT, it was Spring inside! The tables were filled with springy grasses, tulips, eggs, spring caramels and LOTS of funky junk. And of course we had junky fun! We sold skads (Is scads a word?) of skeleton keys,dog tags, windows, vases, kitchen (vintage of course) utensils, garden statues, depression glass, chenille bedspreads, antique chicken feeders and some architectural items. WhEw! It was a great sale and what was even more fun was meeting lots of different people! I think about 90% of the sales were to people that had never been here before. Sheri and I got to meet JoJo and her darling baby girl. She and her husband have Old Crow Farm. JoJo has a great personality and we are looking forward to go to their old barn. Their first sale of the year is May 16-17th. We sent and received customers from JBKnacker in Gilbert. Brenda has been so supportive in working events together. Women love to jump from shop to shop!
We are very excited to get out into the barn and start cleaning and putting up new displays and vignettes! We have some antique floor lamps to start the new season off with. Alongside, vintage aprons, a great little childrens area with world globes, folding chairs, books, high chair, solid wood cradle, baby stroller, vintage games and additional game pcs., green depression glass and so many more items. You know I can't list them all because it would spoil the fun on opening weekend. But, you can bet there will be something for everyone. AND...I am meeting with a new designer. Her specialty is glass etching. Keep an eye out as they will be appearing in the yard as teasers! She is a crazy lady that is going to add so much to the garden areas. We are looking to open mid to late April, depending on Mother Nature. I unloaded lots of stuff yesterday and my hands were almost numb because of the cold and dampness. Where is Spring?
Gotta go! I guess since I am up I should enjoy every minute of this Friday the 13th!


  1. i have no idea where gilbert is, but i'll find it. i'm ready to get in the car a find some new shops that i've never been to.Hope i'll see you soon. Your place looks like it has alot of goodies.

  2. Kay it was so good to meet you! Lulu and I had a great time. We can't wait to come shopping again! April seems too far away, but your stuff is worth waiting for! Happy junking! jojo

  3. I'll have to grab ahold of Cathie(cconz) and do a road trip, been a great friend since back in the day...I was looking at the atlas the other day and happened to see Nevada, can't remember where, but I'm going to check it out again.

    Thanks for stoppin by, hopefully make it your way this spring...later...


  4. Happy St. Patricks Day!
    blessings, kari & kijsa