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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The girls at the table

Last week, we had what I think should be called "A Roundtable". No, I am not talking about a round table. I am referring to a little session of 'come on over to my house, let me throw some junk on the table and let's just see what we come up with. My sidekick Sheri, Brenda from JBKnackers and her sweet baby Cecelia, and a fellow friend and customer, Amy were here. We had a great time of getting an idea and building off of it. We took apart a few things and wiggled 'em around. There were alot of ideas and a few head scratchers. The cinnamon tea was flowing and we were so busy talking that I forgot to get out the little nibbley things. The conversation moved quickly from old keys, pearls, bed springs, vintage Valentines, cooing at precious Cecelia to filling little glass bottles, ephemera, old storm windows and clothes pins. I have had time to ponder the roundtable. I would say that each of us added to every conversation. Some of the ideas were no brainers that made at least one of us crack up! It is very evident that no two heads think alike. And, that two heads are better than one. I have entirely too much stuff! We all are looking forward to spring. Each of us admitted to having the most understanding if not just plain tolerable husbands. Today, as I sat down to write this entry, I figured out one more thing. We don't have to work at creating the newest idea using the oldest of items that will rock the trash to treasure world! We only have to surround ourselves with friends, old stuff that bring back good memories and the chance to be comfortable. So, here's hoping that you have a roundtable of your own real soon. And, when you do, share it with us.


  1. Love your post and yes, it was a great time! I heart all the little beauties I got from you that day and came away w/ some fun ideas I hope I get working on. Hope to see you soon! Brenda

  2. Love the idea and cinammon tea
    I have too much junk too...maybe a round
    table would be good.
    Thanks for sharing..Deena

  3. Oh I am so jealous! I would love to be apart of the round table! Sounded like a junkin good time!!jojo

  4. Sounds like fun! Wish more of my friends would "get" my love of trash to treasure items like you gals do!

  5. Do you have sales on a regular basis? Or, are you open for business set hours??? I'm from Rockwell City, IA and would love to meet you and see your "barn"