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Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's pretend that it is SPRING!

Living here in the middle of Iowa, with forecasts of MORE snow makes one a bit crazy. We need to see and hear the birds. I have not even seen a robin yet. There are still piles of snow, smaller than two weeks ago when we had a tease of 60 degrees. I really want to see the grass greening up, the daffodils and hyacinth peeking up through the ground. SO, I have decided that I am going to pretend that it is SPRING! I know that we many of us are visual people, and I promise to get photos up and going this weekend. That is my goal! I have decided to have a PRETEND IT IS SPRING sale. I have been gathering and I can't wait to see people go through bins of vintage aprons, linens, 1947 Pioneer corn seed sacks. I am sure excited about the vingtage (what am I talking about-they are the games I played!) board games, antique wooden cradle, brass baby doll bed,marble top tables, lots of windows, large screens from a house built in the late 1900's, lots of ephemera, loads of old kitchen tools and a whole lot of junky fun. The actual sale is Saturday, March 7th from 9-5 at my acreage. Too cold in the barn, so we will be inside the house. I have evicted the child day care for two weeks so I don't have the helpers rearanging my displays. And in mentioning all of the items and more, I may have to move out too! My acreage is at 2000 5th street, Nevada, Iowa. I PROMISE to keep you updated on items and fun! Stop by and see our funky junk and junky fun! I hope you will take time and let me know you stopped by the blog! I would ask that you include your email address or blog. I don't know how to contact some of you by just leaving a post. Thanx alot for checking us out! What! OOOPS! I think I hear a bird chirping in the tree!


  1. What a nice blog! I also enjoy going junkin'! LOL It sounds like you're going to have one heckuva sale! Wish I didn't live on the other side of the continent LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting ... oh, and I know exactly how you feel about Obama!

  2. hello,

    thanks for passing by and leaving a nice comment on my blog. wish I could visit. even though I was born and raised in the city of Chicago, I truly believe that maybe in my previous life I lived on a farm...

    thanks again for passing by and I hope you come visit again.


  3. I know I sometimes complain about the Texas weather, but I am glad there's no snow. I do love the fact that one day I'm wear shorts and then there's today where I'm all bundled up. Hope you have an early Spring!!

  4. I'm hoping to make it to your sale on March 7th, you are so brave to have it inside your home. I thought about doing that for our holiday sale, but the hubby said no way! I'm so excited, good luck getting ready! I've seen robins so hopefully spring is very close! jojo

  5. Shoot this Sat. probably won't work for me, I'm disappointed! You ARE brave to have it in your home!

    My email is

    I have a question about a couple things you might have one your sale!

  6. Ok- so fill me in on the sale...My Srong Break week from classes and work is March 18th...but I may need a roadtrip before then and I have been promising JB Knacker to drive over. I;m just in Mt Vernon. I found your blog through Sisters...


  7. great blog....thanks for the great read.

  8. Hello,looks like it has been awhile since you have been active on your site.Are you still on line ? Your site aka pictures are cool.It will be 85* here today & I am going Junkin today with my wife.April 2.'10.Greenville,SC Bobby & Maria