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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Time for Change, I hope!

Whoa! With support from my husband and encouragement from friends I have entered into the world of blogging. I find myself talking out loud to the dogs or anyone that may listen. So, I figured that blogging would be the right thing to do! I am not one that discusses religion, politics or money. Those three subjects are squeezing into my comfort zone. But, I have taken to them lately. I voted for Barack Obama. I support the time for change. And I support him. I love to listen to him speak. I feel like he is talking right to me. And, I love that! I am excited to see a typical family in the White House. And...I am really excited to find out what kind of dog will be honored to be the "first dog!" I feel like there are enough of us supporters to actually make changes. I am making little changes. I am trying to figure out my new camera, video frame and little pocket video frame. Another change is that I am going to start making healthier decisions. Oh! I can't believe I am putting that into print. Now it is official. I will continue to pay it forward as I do believe in it. So, thanx for reading and hopefully I will make this blogging event fun and interesting to everyone.

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