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Thursday, January 15, 2009

You know it is C-O-L-D when...

...junkin nite gets cancelled due to weather. We have not had school for three days. Snow, blizzard conditions and below zero temps. It takes alot for us to postpone a junkin journey! Remember it was in my own basement. Three of the junkers live out of town. Rural driving can be so dangerous. Some roads are not primary and do not see the snowplow for a couple of days. And this, an old 1938 house with block walls and a cement floor. The frost was really bad around the windows and it was chilly down there. The junker of the evening was me. And the junkees will be over next week. But, I can tell you a few of the items I thought would be a big hit. Lots of miniature padlocks, tags, vintage jewelry, wooden ballisters, a couple of old green window screens, little bottles, ribbon, skeleton keys and gemstones to mention a few.
I did get my holiday tree decorated. It is a 6 foot pencil tree. Clear and red lights. Three wooden plaques, hope, love and peace. Snowflakes, country wooden hearts with little buttons and some tin snowflakes.
The seasonal array of vintage Valentines from 1927, lace and doilies will be out and displayed tomorrow. Better get to work. The grunging jar is calling me.


  1. Hi Kay!
    Just came across yor blog and was glad to meet a fellow junk lover!! I could rummage through for hours. Come visit my blog sometime and you will see some great junk pics that I took yesterday on a junktrek I made with my friend! I will be posting them sometime in the next few days.
    Stay warm,

  2. Hello, thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you add pics soon of your things and I wish you luck in selling them. Who knows maybe I'll see something I can't live without. Please visit anytime. Have a great week, Theresa

  3. It is cold when junkin night gets cancelled!