FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN

Monday, July 20, 2009

One thing at a time...Nice thought, but my OCD never obliges! We are having another sale this Saturday, July 26th. I am beginning to wonder where July has flown to. The weather here in Iowa has been so weird. We had winter, then our wet season, a little warmer, still in the soggy season. There was those 6-8 days of good old Iowa heat that really should have been next months weather, and now, well, we have set all time record LOWS! I would imagine that since we will be open this weekend, we will have monsoons with a touch of snow! Doesn't matter! We will be having a great time in the barn. I had thought of getting one of those cool cd's of nature's sweet sounds, but I already have them out there. And the hint of meowing for the fun of it. Yes, those baby kitties, you remember, the ones from the two BOY cats that we sheltered! Yep, they will be 9 weeks old and ready to go to a new home. They are all so sweet, but really need to go to their new families before they knock anymore items to the floor with their not so cute attempts at gymnastics! JB KNACKER, in Gilbert, will be holding their Breakfast Club this Saturday too. Be sure to start there from 8am-10. Brenda ALWAYS has fun stuff and I think she usually has the coffee pot on. You will also be given a map to some of her fun shopping spots, like us! We will be open from 10-3. So, grab a friend and make it a day! We like to think that our shop is where you go for FuNkY JuNk and JuNkY FuN!

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  1. Glad to hear from you. I had been on your blog once before when I was blog hopping, and hadn't been back in awhile - glad you found me. I would love to come to your sale this weekend, but we will be on vacation. I am pretty familiar with your part of the state, as I am an ISU grad. So, any excuse to come back to the area for a visit would be great! Please let me know when you have another sale!