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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yikes! Stop the clock!

Yikes! Why do I always do this? Take on a few other displays, pricing and adding a stairwell to boot? Gotta love what ya do, right? I DO LOVE WHAT I DO! I just think I always need to do more than I really can accomplish. Who doesn't? So, Barntiques will still be in the 'gotta dig for yourself' mode. When I had my flower shop, the front area really was tidy and well kept. Back room was a different story. Flowers, boxes with tissue and newspaper, stems everywhere and then add the water. That was another Yikes! And most of my life has been spent trying to chase the clock. Yes, Barntiques will open Friday at 10 am and the treasures will be amuck. The hay mow has been filled with old high chairs, barn doors, garden items like trellis and planted flower pots, and Americana baskets and trinkets. Mantiques is great fun. Rust, dust and manly. With a few old skelton keys, padlocks, keys and a few miniature locks too. And of course the main room will hopefully have a path. Glassware, vintage kitchen ware, bakelite eating utensils, crocks and I am not really sure what else I may uncover! I do want to remind visitors to bring a packet of flower seeds. We will be planting a flower bed at the Barntiques sign. I think it will be fun to watch the garden and friendships grow. Hope to see you this Friday and Saturday from 10-5.

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  1. Lorie and I are gonna have to make a trip up to your neck of the woods one of these days, there's a lot of shops I haven't been too and need to get out more. It seems the only place I go these days is to Sisters' Garden...but I LOVE that trip, what a fun place!

    Good luck with your show!