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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Clock is ticking

The clock is ticking and we are hustling! Went garage saling yesterday, nothing great to be found except a big old rusty wheelbarrow. I picked up some petunias and a few little plants, pink of course. Lots to do, but am I having some fun! The banister and handrailers will be coming tomorrow. It really is starting to look like I was hoping for. Just wanted to put in a couple words to REMIND you that we are gonna be havin'some fun next Friday and Saturday. I am hoping that everyone will remember to bring a packet of flower seeds. We are going to put them all together and plant them. I can't wait to watch the seeds grow and turn into beautiful blooms. It will represent all of the friends of Barntiques that visit. You will have to keep coming back to watch the garden and our friendships grow. Gotta get to the barn. Have a blessed Mothers day.

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