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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Long live air conditioners

I am sitting in our house with the air conditioner running. I have decided that I have it pretty good. I CAN NOT believe people lived without air conditioners. I know that we got our central air conditioner the day they walked on the moor. And, some still live without it. I sat with a friend on a porch around lunch time. It was shaded and had a decent breeze. That I could handle. Then I went to the grocery store and it was chilly! Left and came home. I sweat a bucket carrying in groceries and putting them away. I am now praying to the Air Conditioning Gods! I know I need to go work in the barn for our SECOND SATURDAY SALE! But I am giving that a second thought. I will let you know if I really go out and work. For now, I will keep praying to the A/C Gods until October!

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