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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, more snow, wind...

I think I am going to take up a collection, go to Pennsylvania, reach in the hole and pull that damned ground hog out of his hole to show him what he has gotten us into! Seriously, we have set the records for snow, missed work days, missed school days, roads closed and the bill for the nice man we pay to clean our driveways out have hit the high note too! I realize the winter has been tough on everyone. And I believe that God only gives us what we can handle, but even with prayer, I am ready to scream. Good thing about it, I don't have any reason that I have to get out in it. Cleaning houses don't rate real high on the "don't travel unless it is an emergency" list. I love cleaning with my Barn Buddy BFF, but we are fair weather girls! And last nite one of my Barn Buddy BFf came over and we rolled balls of yarn. Yep, doesn't get much more fun than that. I have the pot of beef stew on and it is smelling marvy! And, my table is full of projects. The bowls and blue ball jars of skeleton keys,vintage jewelry, tiny padlocks,tokens,vintage tags, birds nests, old frames, an old bread box that is being painted, and some pretty silk flowers are all calling my name. I have priced and boxed things headed to the barn. Wish I could get out there. There are sooooo many snow drifts and some as high as the garage roof that it would be impossible to get there. Now, that was an unusual comment from me. The idea of not being able to get to my junking? I better go drink some tea. I must be getting sick!


  1. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, it's appreciated! I have never lived in snow, I live ten minutes from the beach. SO, I truly enjoy "pictures" of the snow, and couldn't even imagine what it would be like to actually live in it! Maybe Spring will arrive early this year.
    Take care, Sue

  2. Now... Calm down... There is a 'season' for everything... And I heard the 'Spring Bird', singing several days ago... He is promissing spring, around the corner... He never lies... And about the ground hog... Ours, here in Iowa, never saw their shadow...So, let them have 6 more beautiful weeks, out East... Our spring, is coming very soon...Get ready!
    Barb C.