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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Made It! We finally made it!

We made it! Yes, we finally made it. We made it to the barn and shoveled and picked at the snow and ice. And, we opened the door far enough to gain access. Kind of access. Seriously, we were in snow drifts up to our wahtoosies! But, we did it! There was only a small bit of snow in the hay mow. The barn kitties have done just a few minor repositioning of the displays. Brenda from JBknacker, in Gilbert, just a short jaunt away is having her big shabang on Saturday and Sunday. Go check her out at I have to say she has the goodies. And some came from Barntiques! It really felt wonderful to be back in the barn. It is filled with junk, pretties, garden items,windows, tables and desks, glassware, mantiques such as vintage camping chairs, rusty tools, shabby chics and the best thing, memories. Memories of mine from my childhood and also the stories that we are told about other precious moments of our customers. I have lots of new fun things for the Second Saturday Sales starting in May. All for now, gotta work on the new (old) stuff! More to tell you about in the next post. Maybe some photos too!

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  1. I have had some adventures trying to get in our barn too!! I actually slid down a drift on my behind trying to get to it. It has been a crazy winter! I feel like there is a glimmer of hope. These sunshiny days have me thinking its spring! Happy junking!jojo