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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am a picker by birth

Last nite on the History Channel at 8pm was a show called American Pickers. It is about two guys that search out the "real fine collectors of Junk" and buy what they can and resell the items. Novel idea! Alot of us junkers have been "picking" since conception. It was a good show and the first stop was in northeast Iowa. It shows that they do have a headquartered shop that junkers can call and then if interested, the American Pickers go picking. The picker went to a collector of any and everything. He had busses parked (and had been parked for many years)out and about the property FILLED with junk. There were electrical items, a HUGE sewing machine he had used for his leather making shop. He had a windshield for an old motorcycle that had vintage state stickers to show where the rider had been, bycicles of any age and parts to who laid the rails. It did reveal that the picker had a collection of bikes and was a great interest to him. They picked up a canister set for $20 and had a resale price of $70! I almost croaked. The same set is sitting on my cupboard and it has been there since 1938. Yes, I will admit that I screamed and giggled like a junior high girl.I really enjoyed the show. They were respectfull of the junk yard and took the time to listen to the many stories that are associated with each piece of interest. The show also gave me a positive vibe that someday, the winds will stop howling as it creates snow drifts higher than myself and the temps will rise. Anything positive in the weather is a big boost here in central Iowa. I enjoyed the show and it really gave me the bug to get out there and start picking.


  1. Brrrr...loved the show too...Mike was my landlord when Lorie and I had our shop in LeClaire...he's a hoot. The picture of me on the motorcycle a few posts back is his Harley. Every time he got a new one he would drive it up for a photo shoot and make me pose on it, what a blast! They actually came to the shop with their camera and did a shoot while they were trying to get a host program to buy the spot.

    I sure hope this show makes it, Mike and Frank work hard doing what they do, as we well know, pickin' is the name of the game!!!

    Stay warm up there, this is sure an unwanted Arctic it Spring yet???

  2. Hey Girlie!
    Thanks for stoppin' by! I didn't watch the show, last night, but, I watched it last week... The 'jury' is still out with me... I wrote about it last week, and I just hope that they treat people fair.
    We are { I hate the term 'pickers', 'gatherer's' suits me better} It will hurt all of us, who are fair, and treat folks right, to see them purchase something from an elderly person, for 2 bucks, and then sell it for 100.
    I am sorry I missed it, last night, I'll watch it again, and see how things go!
    It's funny, I know one of the guys they bought from, and the other, I kind of know, I have had some of his art work! That was pretty cool!
    Barb C.

  3. I am enjoying your blog! I agree with Barb's comment- it makes people leary about how "pickers" treat people. There is always the argument that they pay what people want...and they are out to make a buck too. I'll have to watch some more. Love your barn!

  4. Does anyone possibly know where in Iowa they were? Im very interested in somethin that man had.

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