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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May is my favorite month!

Today is the first day of my favorite month. Growing up we had a great time making and delivering May Baskets. They were made out of plastic or paper cups, the plastic green baskets that strawberries came in, whatever we had on hand. The handles were always pipe cleaners. We filled them with popcorn, m&m's, gum drops, sprigs of lily of the valley, lilacs and any other goodies. The simple joy of delivering them was so great. Last year, Sheri and I made them out of scrapbook papers, filled them and delivered to several of the elderly ladies she cleaned house for. The conversations with these women were remarkable.
There is quite the fury going on in the barn. Displays torn down, switched up a bit, painting furniture and finding treasures that I had forgotten about.
We get so excited seeing our old friends and making new ones. Mary Nesset will be joining us this month. She will be sharing her spa products. And, she will be bringing her friend, Sarah, that has just began her own line of jewelry.
Between the weddings, graduation parties, mothers day, birthdays and anniversaries we will try to keep our sanity. (We all know better than that!)


  1. I remember delivering May baskets. I would ring the doorbell and run and hide. If the door was opened before I got out of sight I had to give them a kiss. Maybe this was just a local custom. . . I enjoyed your blog posting on this subject.

  2. Ooh....I'm getting sooo excited! Kay...Sarah and I were thinking of coming out on Thursday for sure. And we're planning a chunk of time to be sure we can help you with anything you might need! Who knew great friends could be found at a farm store? :) Hooray for May as well...and I, too, remember May baskets... And one of these years...I'll get on the ball and do it with my littles!! :)

  3. What are your open hours this Saturday, would like to get there and leave some flyers. I am helping with a garage sale that day and not sure how I can make it work. Let me know! Thanks.

    Carla RBRustics

  4. I am sending good vibrations your way for an awesome opening day for you tomorrow! I am working all day at the will also be sending anyone and everyone over to Barntiques who stops by my old place! Have fun!!

  5. Where are you located and what dates will you be open?