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Monday, January 31, 2011

Is it blue or is it green?

I have been bitten by the paint bug! I have painted nearly everything that is not nailed down. I started with a little wood piece that will be great for a fun sign. Then I moved onto a little table, two tool boxes, a coffee table, a three drawer dresser with cool industrial handles, a night stand, an old window (frame only), a couple of wall shelves and a dining room chair. I am in love with the color somewhere between the shade of the blue ball jars and a robin's egg. I just have to admit that the chest of drawers will be kept in my dining room. I will fill it up with linens, seasonal decor or just plain old junk.
The current project of the week is trying to come up with a redo for a box of clock works. There are a couple sizes of the actual clock face behind glass. So far, I have opened them up and covered the face with pretty paper. I have also adhered a vinyl letter on the front of the glass. I think I will try to make a couple look like shadow boxes. The front is rounded so it could hold something with a bit of depth.
I have several heart shapes cut out of fabric but I am fighting with the bobbin holder! When I get them sewn and filled I will be putting them on bed springs. I have never met a bedspring I didn't like!
All for today. Keep checking back, with any luck I will get Gale to take and post some photos! Happy junkin!

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  1. I sooooo want to be out in my sweet lil' shop/studio playing with my toys, but as it stands, I have to walk through a 4 foot drift to get there from any direction, it's like this little piece of cake just waiting to be devoured, tempting and close and yet so far...guess it's more like an Eskimo pie...ha!

    Can you say flooding, when all this starts to melt, it could get bad, but let's keep hoping for an early dry spring!

    Stay warm and cozy!