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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can You Spell Inspiration?

I have really been scouring for some inspiration. Looked through my own junk in the house. Can't get into the barn yet! Hoping for some warmer temps next week. Yep with temps in the twenties! Been looking at magazines. Checking out Junk Salvation's site. We (Sheri, Vern and I) made the little road trip to Gilbert(about 10 miles!) Went to our favorite shop, JB Knacker! Brenda has the touch! Love the primitive & the glitz together and just the right touch of quirkieness. Not really sure there is such a word, but no matter what,she has it! From the front window with the silver bike with the glitzy seat all the way through the shop and up the stairs, it is totally junk in the trunk! The harvest table, the chandeliers resting in the cement bird baths, typewriter key charms, metal lockers and cookies from the Cupcake Emporium! It was just what I needed. I am now inspired. Thanx Brenda for a fun morning!


  1. thanks for dropping by and leaving a nice comment.

    I appreciate it... sometimes I wonder when I write how I feel if people dislike hearing the truth about someones life....

    sometimes though I hope someone out there reads it so they feel they are not alone through any difficult time in their lives....

    peace to you and thanks again... it's appreciated!

  2. Brenda does a fantastic job! I love how she styles her store. Great place to get inspiration and buy a few treasures!