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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tick, tock, tick, tock...

MY! MY! Time has certainly been ticking off of the clock! I haven't blogged for a very long time. February 27th was the last one. Alot has happened in that time period. My dad has been ill, hospitalized and now residing with my husband and I. I am the only child (long story). He is 84 and has given up. I told him that it really wasn't up to us and as long as he was here, we were gonna make the best of it. He has been an avid and somewhat possessed collector. Keys, padlocks, safes and every other thing he could drag home. And, if he couldn't drag it, he would go get it with a friend that has a tow truck. No kidding! We celebrated the birth of our fourth grandson. Elliss Keann Fleshman was born on March 7th. He has three big brothers, Easton (7), Emmitt (5) and Eaghan (18 mos). We got to spend six days with them and cherish each moment. So, now that Spring has officially started, (but no one has told Mother Nature) we begin the countdown to the opening of Barntiques. I have gathered many pieces, big and small, over the winter. Wow! It is so full that I am struggling with moving things around to set up displays. The weather lady said tonight that the sun will shine tomorrow and hit sixty on the thermometer! Bring it on! May 7th is the opening day for us and I am still in the painting, sanding and staining mode. All for now, gotta get organized (yeah, right) for the morning. Hopefully I will accomplish alot and even take pix!

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